Belle Haven, Alt, @ Fat Controller, Adelaide 26/3/2021

The tiled spiral staircase leading down into the room invokes visions of entering a magical historical world. The room itself greets you with limitless directions to proceed but which way to choose? Follow the sound of live music.

Yes, live music. In all its glorious abrasive tones, shuddering the earth, battling with the walls and pillars for victory. I arrive just as Adelaide’s own Alt. took to the stage.

Alt. have made their first national jaunt their own arriving back home visibly and sonically super charged.

With a illuminated backdrop that accentuates the bands stage presence, all that is left is for the guys to release the pressure valve. Chasing Safety, Pariah and nothingwithoutyou – highlights in a already well stocked setlist- ignites the crowd to unleash its energy. Simon Aistrope twirls like a tornado on guitar and Daniel Richards vocals go from softly spoken to high octave quiver in a heartbeat. The audience savouring the bands dynamic show – thirsty for more – as the sweat visibly drips off the band members explosive performance. Triumphant is an understatement.

The Nobody Likes A Hospital tour, supporting headliners Belle Haven’s soon to be released EP Time Changes Nothing, is exactly what the doctor prescribed for many fans across the country after this last year.

The Melbourne four piece start with The Carving Knife and by the time the opening of Selfmade is being rolled out the wired up audience are echoing the bands vocals. We are in for something special here.

The break down in Hunt For Health shakes the room with the bands energy replicating what an angry Godzilla coming for you must sound like.

New track Take Your Pill already has the crowd eating from the bands hand as the songs swings from a loaded machine gun to smooth calmness. While You is massive, with winsome singing switching into chaotic heavy breakdowns.

Vocalist David Vernon is warm and welcoming, displaying great banter with the crowd, as we all take breathers from the unrelenting drive of the band powered by drummer Ben Masters.

Finishing with Forget Me and new track Nobody Likes A Hospital Belle Haven’s show tonight is a battering ram of sound mixed with subtle displays of gentleness. It’s focussed on you yet all encompassing to every corner of this labyrinthian room.

For many it’s been a year since their last show, and judging by the palpable magic in the air, this is the perfect remedy to their ails. That’s one thing time has changed.

Live Review By Iain McCallum

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