Jeff Martin @ The Arkaba, Fullarton SA 21/3/2021

There’s no doubt there’s plenty of love for Jeff Martin in Adelaide and right around the country whether he is playing solo or with The Tea Party. The sold out show at The Arkaba was right up there as another memorable night full of good songs and good times. Being a sit down affair the loyal following were attentive and hanging on to every word Martin spoke. This tour was focused on his new EP Cinnamon Rose as well as the usual staples with a few surprises thrown in. Love the hurdy gurdy which was played at the beginning and as Martin said “it sounds like a dying cat if it’s not in tune”.

Opening with The Tea Party’s Coming Home Martin did say he wasn’t going to talk much but did reflect on 2020 saying that shit did hit the fan but he did get a lot of things done including finishing the new Tea Party album and finished producing the support act Damien Horton’s (who was fantastic) new album. He went on to elaborate that whilst international travel is not on the cards this year 2022 will be the year that we get our set together announcing plans for an orchestra tour with his two brothers (Stuart Chatwood and Jeff Burrows).

Taking the audience on a journey it started in Istranbul, Turkey with Grand Bazaar. The room was absolutely humming and whilst wanting to “keep the vibe up” there was a moment of sadness with Martin paying tribute to the late Michael Gudinski with the song Requiem. With the “sad shit” out of the way it was the Gumbo Queen of Spades Voodoo Shop in New Orleans. Set In Stone off the Cinnamon Rose EP was stellar as was Hallelujah shortly after.

Martin spoke of the opening tune off Tangents in Walking Wounded which got a few cheers but to be let down shortly after saying he wasn’t going to play it but described the video shoot in Cuba and he couldn’t go there right now but decided to write a song about it. The story about Only Love Can Take You There provided great insight to memories of being in Detroit and love of gospel music. Encouraging the crowd to sing a long and a bit louder (suggesting he’s a bit deaf of years of loud rock music) was a great moment in the set. Bring It On Home To You which rolled in to Black Snake Blues was fantastic and there a few teasers in there such as Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love. It didn’t take much prompting to get Martin back for one last tune in Sisters Awake. Great show and we’re eagerly awaiting in anticipation what comes next.

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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