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DEAD DIRTY DINOSAURS have released their new EP Too Many Questions: The Abbey Road Masters (Remastered) which is available now on all digital platforms via Riot Records.

The DEAD DIRTY DINOSAURS are the new Kings of Alt Indie Rock in the Southern Hemisphere. If you don’t already know, you’ll know. Obviously humble, but only until the 4 clicks are done, this Brisbane 3 piece are nearly always stuck in top gear. This translates to a dead dirty live show and some healthy prehistoric slabs of noise to chuck on when you’re bored of sitting still.

Holding Back was the latest single from the Dead Dirty Dinosaurs via the burgeoning punk label Riot Records and their parent company Golden Robot Records.

Ella Fence is set to release her new 5 Track EP, NO THANK YOU, on Friday, 26 March, available for pre-order/save now on digital.

Released through Golden Robot Records, this wonderful collection of new music is, as always, sublime and inspirational. Ella continues to work outside the bullshit pre-existing order of the music industry and has recorded, without fear or favour, an EP that is elegant and experimental, a mix of pop electro beats and soaring cinematic vocals. Ella has tendency to do things differently and this engaging EP is no different.

Known Better was the single lifted from the EP, a brooding clash of drums and atmospheric synth. More to Life, another gem, combines Avantgarde with pure pop sensibilities and a tip of the hat to Minnie Ripperton. Also noteworthy is Hurricane, embracing the spirit of high-octane dance/electro grooves mixed with inspired electronica.

NO THANK YOU is beautiful example of sweet and succulent vocals blended with popish energy and soul all bundled in an unapologetically explorative, emotional and intense listening experience, from an artiste who would rather make own trail than follow a pre-ordained path.

Punk Alternative act PEARL HARBOUR have released their new single Trouble via Die Laughing Records. Trouble delivers us some quirky punk ‘n roll. New Wave / Punk Alternative vocalist Pearl E. Gates, more commonly known as Pearl Harbour, formed this band in 1988 with Buck Naked from Buck Naked and the Bare Bottom Boys.

The band was flourishing until in 1992, when a madman shot and killed Buck in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, CA. After some time off the band regrouped and decided to move forward. On lead guitar is the amazing East Bay Ray of Dead Kennedys, as well as Stinky Le Pew on Rhythm guitar with Lee Vilensky on Bass and Mike Hunter on Drums as the band for vocalist Pearl Harbour.

This record was recorded and dedicated to Buck Naked. This single is a cover originally recorded by Buck Naked and the Bare Bottom Boys and is produced by Eric Pressly at Brilliant Studios in San Francisco, California.

Sydney Punks THE KIDS have release a video clip for their recent single Go Back To Canberra. The video was created with the good folks at Pinebox Clothing. Go Back To Canberra has all the melody of a shark alarm. It’s a dogged no nonsense song, an attack ode to the bleak and oppressive landscape of Canberra. A city that undeservedly is the epicentre of Australian democracy, home of weak-willed politicians, bank rolling a nation into mediocrity.

THE KIDS have a deep commitment to creating a fast-paced sonic onslaught. Wailing vocals, unsettling and blistering guitar all steered by a manic drum beat that’s a triumph of rhythm and roadkill.

After releasing 2 highly regarded singles Drone and Tape Hiss, COUSIN BETTY are set to release their debut EP LEFT via Golden Robot Records on 26th March. COUSIN BETTY’s sound is a mesh of distorted and psychedelic influenced indie desert rock with some grungy garage infused overtones.

Cousin Betty is the brainchild of Australia’s Damien Stofka a guitarist/songwriter, who has created riffs and written songs for Molten Universe, Death Mattel, LITTER and various other projects for the last 15 years.

During the strictest period of the pandemic lockdown, Damien began communicating with other artists and was inspired to try and make something more consistent of his vision. A friend from Canada; equally bored and in want of inspiration, asked Damien for some of the files from his old sessions to re-mix and produce. The tones and richness of these efforts were the motivation Damien needed. As the restriction lifted on local travel, he took some recording equipment to Frontman Matt Downey’s house. There, while their 6-year-olds entertained themselves on computer games, Matt, his partner Katie Jane and Damien finished Lizard Queen and 4 other songs in mere hours. Gone now was the restrictive concept of theming and it meant that songs could tackle any topic. While that meant a slight direction change for his initial vision, Damien still felt a great attachment to the journey of his Cousin Betty –a Matriarchal Maverick who’ll live on in memory only. These new songs form the LEFT E.P, Cousin Betty’s debut.

Newcastle Australian Punks HUMAN FAILURE have released their new single Kick It via Riot Records today, the 9th of March. Kick It is a furious and brutal short burst of thrashy, crusty, metallic Hardcore and comes off their upcoming EP Urchin.

‘’This track is about humanity’s problem with suicide and have and have nots. It’s crappy how society treats each other as a whole. The high amount of youth suicide that happens every day, no matter what your background is.’’ – Human Failure

My Own Apostate is the brand-new single by THE MARIGOLD from the upcoming album Apostate. A Dark Doom Damned song with a special guest on guitar: Adam Harding (Dumb Numbers, Kidbug).  The Track was Produced and mixed by Toshi Kasai.

THE MARIGOLD delivers a melting pot of sludgy alternate death rock. Echoes of bands like the Melvins, Tool, Big Business and shine through with a grungy under belly to top it off.

Wollongong, Australia based punks The Culture Industry have released their new single DK Stance via Riot Records. It is the follow up to recent single Middle Aged Kids.

The Culture Industry delivers us a blend of old and new school punk with a grungy overtone. It is fun, good time vibes, full of humour and character… and still very PUNK! On DK Stance they hit the waves to deliver a surf punk anthem that rolls right alongside bands like the Dead Kennedys, Agent Orange, The Forgotten Rebels and Adolescents.

“This Surf- punk track is dedicated to Jack and his tribe of underground wave riders who just wanna have fun!’’ – The Culture Industry

Brandon Gibbs, an explosive guitar player and singer / songwriter who has a powerful, soulful voice and a brilliant sense of melody that sets him apart from his contemporaries. Lost Boys is a pure rock tune and it shows the heavier, darker side of Brandon both lyrically and musically as it was written and recorded during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is drenched with emotion and honesty.

“Lost Boys is a song for the people As an artist it’s my job to put feelings into words and song. 2020 was like living in a nightmare for millions upon millions. From wildfires, a global pandemic, riots, a derecho, loss of so many lives, people not even having a chance to say final goodbye’s properly, shut-downs, loss of employment, closed business’s, stages for the arts being closed down and the one thing that brings us together like music events being prohibited… We all collectively got hit so many times that one can’t help but feel empty and lost. I won’t ever forget it and we all have long lasting scars from it. Sink into the lyrics as this isn’t about the good times rolling, this is about being so vulnerable you can’t help but scream it out loud! “I don’t want to be a lost boy AGAIN!” – Brandon Gibbs

Underground punk legends THE DOGS have unleashed a new digital single Under The Coast that was co-written with and features fellow rock ‘n’ roller Frank Meyer (The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs, James Williamson & The Pink Hearts) on guest vocals and guitar. The socially conscious, topical song is available now through Chicanery Chick Records/Die Laughing Records on all digital formats and deals with the chaos and dissonance of modern times.

“Frank and I go way back,” says THE DOGS front man Loren Molinare. “His band The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs and THE DOGS have been in the trenches of the rock ‘n’ roll wars for years together, playing cutthroat gigs side by side. We had always talked about collaborating on a song one day. Then right at the beginning of the pandemic, Frank texted me and asked if I was recording at home at all. I told him just had a few riffs in my phone, but I’d send them over. Next thig I knew he took them into GarageBand and wrote a full realized song around all my parts! And it was a really strong song.”

“Loren sent me these killer riffs that had a punk thing going on but also had this power-pop meets surf rock twang to ‘em,” adds Meyer, “and since society was just starting to fall apart with the pandemic and riots, I started writing about that. But I wanted the vibe to be kind of happy like ‘Hey, the world’s falling apart around us and the apocalypse is near, so let’s head to the beach and surf!’ Sort of a west coast punk rock take on Prince’s ‘1999’ in a way.”

Bassist Mary Kay says, “it’s a strange time and Loren and Frank did a great job of capturing the tension and hypocrisy in the air these days.”

“As soon as Loren mentioned doing a video, I had this idea of project images over the band members, sort of like a ‘60s go-go dancing’ flick meets David Lynch-style art film. The images needed to move along fast and match the song too, so they needed to reference both the SoCal happy-sunny beach vibe plus the violent underbelly of modern city life and the politics that keep us all paranoid. So basically, it’s a sunshine apocalypse!”

Sydney, Australia punk rockers PLANTS have just released their new EP Vacuumed Half to Deaf via Riot Records. The 7 track EP highlights their tongue in cheek humour coupled with an infectious Punk attitude.

Vacuumed Half to Deaf is the second EP from PLANTS and urther diversifies the band’s sound. The title – Vacuumed Half to Deaf – stemmed from a funny incident in which a cleaning lady began to vacuum the studio live room whilst the band was still tracking. Putting the concept to artist and friend Jaben Betz (Pineapple Stickers Art), the stunning artwork was brought to life and the idea of the EP solidified.

Vacuumed Half to Deaf was recorded in their typical style – the whole band live in the room with no click track, and additional guitars and vocal layers added in post. From the fuzzy stoner rock of Stoned At Breakfast, to upstroking ska-punk tune Friend, or the classic Aussie punk-rock vibes on Say It To My Face – this band is not afraid to show their variety of influences. Lyrically, the bands’ laid-back Aussie humour seeps through in almost every track.

South Coast, NSW Australian punk act 2mums are set to release their new single Policeman via Riot Records.

2mums are angry and this time they’ve set their sights on a former police officer turned neighbourhood bully. Since “retiring” from the force under dubious circumstances this former officer has struggled with the loss of authority. Now bored, frustrated, with nothing to do but drink and get abusive towards fellow neighbours who no longer have to obey this guy. Welcome to civilian life buddy. 

Policeman is a slab of pure Australian Old School Punk Rock that is influenced by all the greats of the genre!

Johnny Thunders is a true punk rock legend. He shot to stardom as a founding member of the iconic NEW YORK DOLLS. After a stint with the Dolls he then went on to for his own band Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers. Thunders sadly lost his life in 1991 aged just 38, but his legacy lives on to this day. Thunders was one of the true Godfathers of the US Punk scene.

Golden Robot Records / Die Laughing Records will release a live single Chinese Rocks, which is taken from the upcoming live album; Cosa Nostra: Live At The Mudd Club 1983 Gothenburg, which will be available as limited edition vinyl and on all streaming platforms.

Chinese Rocks is as you expect! Raw, dirty, sweaty, full of swagger and Punk as all hell.

Cosa Nostra: Live At The Mudd Club 1983 Gothenburg, is previously a unreleased live show, extremely rare, direct from the Johnny Thunders estate and totally exclusive to Golden Robot Records.

Australian punk act Under The Influence (UTI) have dropped their new single Cobra Spit via Riot Records.

Cobra Spit is another ferocious blast of metallic hardcore punk. Have you felt someone’s narcissistic venom seep through your skin and into your brain, corrupting your thoughts to the point of nearly sending you insane? Hopefully not. Well, this is a song about the manipulation of one’s better judgement by the narcissistic input of others around you. Don’t let their venom inside. Be yourself, trust yourself, Know your worth.

Cobra Spit is the follow up to is the follow up to recent singles Moon Flavoured Magnets, Body Parts and the acoustic version of fan favourite Propaganda Leaks. With each release Under The Influence (UTI) continue to grow their fanbase as they establish themselves as one of Australia’s leading Punk Acts.

IN THE WHALE are an extremely unique act. As a duo they push sonic boundaries to the limit and deliver a relentless pounding to the senses. Their alternative, post-rock intensity and create a seismic event and shows a band not afraid to take chances.

Their upcoming single Jeffrey is an examination of the mental gymnastics that one will go to convince others that they are “Just like you”, all the while their actions speak differently. The frantic lyrics in the music with the jagged / staccato verse sections ramp into a frenzy of sound.

Jeffrey is the follow up to the recently released singles Crosses and Drug Dealer. Jeffrey will be released via Riot Records (Part of Golden Robot Records).

ToxicRose recently inked a deal with Golden Robot Records and they will drop their new single Domination.

ToxicRose deliver that classic Swedish trash glam metal sound that they have become a world leader in. With Crazy Lixx, Hardcore Superstar, Crashdiet, Gemini Five and ToxicRose Sweden keep cranking out the best the scene has to offer.

Domination is a fast and aggressive, trash metal flavoured fist in your face! It is delivered with their unique look mix of dark sleaze and metal.

Southern California Punk Rock act INFAMOUS STIFFS have released a storming new single and all-star video Freak Parade, available now on all digital platforms via Die Laughing/Golden Robot Records.

It’s the summer of 2020 at the peak of the Covid 19 global pandemic. California is on lockdown. So what do you do if you’re INFAMOUS STIFFS and just finished recording your album? Make a video with all of your favourite friends…socially distanced and safely, of course.

Shot in LA, Freak Parade is a tribute to all of us, young and old, who for better or worse have to do life our own way. The video was Directed by Gabby O’Neill and edited by Nathan “Karma” Cox, with Director of Photography, Christopher Blauvelt. Jack Grisham of TSOL is your narrator.

The latest video by Australian hard rockers THE MERCY KILLS is for their track Like You which was featured on the 2020 release X celebrating the bands ten years together.

This clip has been specifically designed for a mobile phone ‘vertical’ format so no need to spin that cell. There’s even a bit of a tease during the guitar solo.

TMK wanted the video to express a connection between each band member. The concept was influenced by the old children’s panel books, where you turn the pages to reveal a mix of different heads, bodies and legs. The band worked, once again with Australian film makers, Strongman Pictures to create this strange but striking video.

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day CRIMSON RIOT have released a great folky punk rock infused new single and video St. James’s Gate via Die Laughing Records. The track is now available on all digital platforms. The Punk Rock Power Trio from Las Vegas, NV bring you another Guinness soaked track to add to your St. Patrick’s Day playlist alongside Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, The Pogues, The Rumjacks, Street Dogs & The Mahones!

“There’s nothing quite like a good Irish drinking song and ‘St. James’s Gate’ is ours. It’s a feel-good tune about hanging out with your friends in the land of emerald hills and the home of Guinness Irish Stout. We haven’t been to Ireland yet but if we ever get the chance you may have to pull us out of there kicking and screaming. We hope this song makes you want to raise a glass with your best mates. Sláinte!” – CRIMSON RIOT

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