Genesis Owusu Shares New Single Ahead Of National Tour

Ahead of the release of his long-anticipated album, Smiling With No Teeth, Genesis Owusu is back with his latest song and video, Gold Chains out via OURNESS. The release follows the recent news of the newly extended Smiling With No Teeth Album Tour this April and May, which has already seen sold out shows in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide, and limited capacity in remaining cities.

Gold Chains arrives as another amorphous track from Owusu, punching into space with his signature fiery energy. Co-produced by Ourness founder Andrew Klippel and Dave Hammer and recorded with the Black Dog band, Owusu consistently reminds audiences globally of his avant-garde twist on hip-hop, as he dances around a melting pot of his own dynamic layers.

Owusu says of the single, “‘Gold Chains’ was one of the first songs I wrote for the album. It got me thinking about the flaws of being in a profession where, more and more, you have to be the product, rather than just the provider of the product, and public misconceptions about how luxurious that is. Lyrically, it set the tone for the rest of the album.”

Delivering another visual delight, the Gold Chains music video furthers the track’s luxurious and rich tones, simulating the spectacle of suffering to break one’s self-commodification. Directed by Riley Blakeway, Owusu lays displaced alongside a haze of monochromatic 70’s meeting stylised 2000’s gold chains and confetti, as he falls further down the rabbit hole of loneliness.

Owusu on the music video: “The video is about the hollowness of a lot of the things we hold as idols. The shiny things that get made to look like goals from the outside looking in, but in reality won’t be the source of happiness that we’d hoped for. The gold chains become shackles.”

Gold Chains marks another step closer to the release of Genesis Owusu’s debut album, Smiling With No Teeth on March 5, 2021. The 15-track collection carousels the prodigy’s shockwave energy, as he blurs the boundaries of genre. Owusu layers the album with complex issues such as race and mental health, under a rollercoaster of oscillating soundscapes. Each chapter is a personal testimony and reflection upon such issues, slathered in Owusu’s chameleon-like presence while not shying away from the harsh realities at the core of the album.

Selling out a run of intimate shows in 2020, Owusu has again announced his plans to return to the stage throughout April and May, taking Smiling With No Teeth to all capital cities and a handful of regional locations. Having already sold out multiple shows in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra and with remaining cities closely following behind, Owusu and the Goon Club will bring the inimitable live show to a number of beloved venues across the country to mark Genesis Owusu’s biggest and most anticipated live run to date.


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