Late Night Dynamite @The Ukiyo At Gluttony, Adelaide 26/02/2021

With late night shows late night revellers expect a bit of raunchy floor play, some naughty sexual innuendos and laugh out loud crazy antics in a Fringe show and Late Night Dynamite pretty much explodes with all that and a little bit more! Katie Wright assembles some of the eclectic artists from this years Adelaide Fringe and gives them all to you in a (very) adult fun filled variety hour.

Katie Wright is the all round (literally all round because she’s pregnant!) energetic and risqué host that keeps on giving and she knows what her audience wants from a late night show. She laughs or I should say ‘snort’ laughs (I could say its a rip snorting show) her way through with whip fast smart lines and come backs sharper than a knifes edge especially the ones she juggles over a poor unsuspecting audience member!

First guest up was Adelaide’s own Mickey D with his unique piss take on all things Adelaide. Tonight, he was on fire with his spontaneous throw away lines. One thing is for sure if you’re a heckler – beware! He knows how to give back better than you can dish it out and the results are hilarious.

Next up is my all-time favourite burlesque Queen Miss Bettie Bombshell with all her twirling, whipping, hip shaking and sexy coy little winks. The crowd was brought to attention the moment she strutted on stage. Sexy, seductive and slamming! She shakes her body down to the ground and it definitely the raunchy floor play part of this show!

Boo Dwyer the funny comedy Fringe legend is the other half of Mickey D and while Mickey D did spill some funny family lines its ok it’s all in the family with this couple. Dwyer can hold her own and she gave us the trials and tribulations of 2020 lockdown then burst into a ditty about a little grey hair (and not where you’d think!)

Tonight’s show was almost a couple only night. Next act was Bonebreaking Leo who is the partner of host Katie Wright. This guy is freakishly flexible. The way he contorted his body through a tennis racquet makes you squirm in awe and just like a car crash you can’t look away.

Last act was Diabolo spinner JT Jordan Twartz. He worked his magic balancing and spinning, balancing and spinning throwing the diabolo up in the air then spinning it around his waist so fast it was impressive!

Late Night Dynamite is a fast paced, laugh a second late night show that has a talented pool of guests that will entertain you throughout the hour.

Fringe Review By Anastasia Lambis

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