Adelaide’s Indie Pop Rockers Broken Waves Release New Single


Adelaide’s Indie pop-rock quintet, Broken Waves today release their second single, Throne. Broadly referencing the many individuals throughout history who were never accepted in their own time but became legends after their death, Throne loosely inspired by the death of Socrates and inspired by the groups part Greek heritage as well as employing a brass section to raise the intensity. Like the group’s first single, Drag Me Back, the track has tried to express a dichotomy instrumentally using extreme shifts in intensity and emotion.

“Throne is one of our oldest songs that got neglected for a while” Said lead guitarist Will Physentzou.

“re-visiting the track while writing the EP, we added a whole new section that finally made the track make sense and really fill into its shoes. We also got some incredible musicians to come and play on this track with Alex Taylor and Chris Weber on trumpet and trombone.”

“This is definitely the song we are all most proud of so far.”

Broken Waves’ debut EP, Turning Point, due for release on March 19, explores a collaborative effort in which each member brings a unique musical perspective and background to the debut EP and represents a determined focus on honest and darker lyricism, with the EP engaging in a broad range of socially driven topics such as politics and mental health.

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