Jon Stevens, Daryl Braithwaite, Boom Crash Opera @ Weekend Of Rock, Adelaide Oval 21/2/2021

Weekend Of Rock finished up last night after three nights of awesome Aussie rock featuring legends Jon Stevens, Daryl Braithwaite and Boom Crash Opera. With COVID safe plans in place we can only hope we see more of these type of shows at the iconic Adelaide Oval. The common theme to emerge from all three nights is how important live music is to support our bands and crew behind the scenes who make all this possible as well as nourishing the souls of fans who have been hanging for their fix of rock.

Boom Crash Opera were great openers kicking things off with Get Out Of The House followed by Hands Up In The Air. Front man Dale Ryder lamented on the fact he would like to “kiss and cuddle” his band mates, in particular Peter Farnham, but couldn’t because of the restrictions in place being from Melbourne. Peter was full of beans and looked like he had been let off the leash after not having played in nearly a year. Did anyone keep stats on how many times he tripped over his guitar lead??? Her Charity was stellar and Ryder subtly made his displeasure known about his “shit” in ear monitor. The anthemic Great Wall was brilliant and got the crowd up and out of the seats. Things picked up a gear and Ryder commented that the band had not seen each other face to face in nearly a year. Don’t Forget To Breathe was one song they have never played live finishing on a bevy of hits including Dancing In The Storm, Bettadaze, The Best Thing and the epic Onion Skin.

Daryl Braithwaite looked genuinely happy to playing a big show at long last having been off the road for a long time. Being off the road for that long Braithwaite had a year’s worth of bad jokes to get out of the style. Plenty of football references and with the bass player being a md Richmond supporter being at Adelaide Oval where his team knocked off Port made him “hard in the pants” according to Braithwaite. Opening with All I Do and Not Too Late it wasn’t long before moving in to more familiar tunes As The Days Go By and Rise followed by a surprise cover of If You’re Too Shy by The 1975. It wouldn’t be a live set without the Sherbet classic Howzat! The crowd were yelling out for One Summer but Daryl said no “we haven’t had a summer” and proceeded to play Love Songs. Another Sherbet song in Summer Love and the crowd got what they wanted with One Summer. Braithwaite was at it again getting all his bad jokes out at once stirring the crowd that they were going to finish on a new song that wasn’t finished. The crowd looked stunned for a second and once the opening verse of The Horses took it was an awesome way to finish his set.

The pick of the night was Jon Stevens who well and truly smashed it out of the stadium. After eleven months off the road you would hardly know it. Bolting out of the blocks with Reach Out the set was a mix of Noiseworks and INXS hits. INXS hits New Sensation and Devil Inside were awesome amongst Noiseworks classics Burning Feeling and Miles and Miles. Stevens said the next one was the greatest song ever written, can’t argue with that. Never Tear Us Apart was a poignant moment in the set and I felt like I needed my Port scarf for this one. The set moved a long with plenty of energy and intensity with Stevens reflecting several times about what it means to back on the stage performing with his mates. Stevens would have to be the best singer after Michael Hutchence at singing these timeless INXS classics such as What You Need, Need You Tonight and Don’t Change. The main set finished on Take Me Back before wrapping it up on another great INXS tune Kick. Fantastic show and no doubt a preview to what Adelaide will see next month when Stevens returns.

Hopefully Weekend Of Rock becomes a regular fixture on the summer music calendar at Adelaide Oval and given the climate we’re in right now show organisers did a top job pulling this together.

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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