Ukulele Dream Girl: Love at a Distance @ The Lark At Gluttony, Adelaide 20/2/2021

Phi Theodoros aka Ukulele Dream Girl along with Willow the ukulele which is a love story in itself takes us through the good, the bad and the ugly of love in the show Love At A Distance. Isn’t it great we can see a Fringe show in these times? Ukulele Dream Girl took full advantage of finally performing in the open aired venue, The Lark at Gluttony in front of a live audience while baring the heat of a typical summer’s day in Adelaide.

When we talk about love we have so many questions; What are our expectations of love? What are the kinds of love we are looking for? What kind of love can we have in the time of COVID? Theodoros is a story teller and telling the stories of love makes for a poignant and thoughtful show. Love can be a person, place or an experience in life and with her ukulele Willow she channels her upbeat and optimistic tunes to tell and sing us the many stages of love.

Love At A Distance goes through the emotions of love and whether its scouring for love on a cruise ship or trying to quench her thirst for love in all the right places or talking about her beloved Yiayia (grandmother) Theodoros presents it a powerful light. Armed with her ukulele playing skills and spoken word poetry she delivers a closer look at that crazy little thing called love! I mean where else can you hear a version of Mambo No. 5 on a ukulele?

Fringe review by Anastasia Lambis

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