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ACCEPT could have hardly chosen a more fitting title for their new upcoming masterpiece – Too Mean To Die. First a virus interrupted the recording process of their 16th studio album back in spring 2020, and now the same rotten thing has caused the release to be postponed by two weeks, to 29.01.21.

However, ACCEPT will not be knocked down by these setbacks. As a consolation for fans and to shorten the waiting time for the complete album, the band have released a very special treat: their third single Zombie Apocalypse. Hard-hitting melodies – a 5-minute classic ACCEPT treat: dynamic, unshakeable, mega loud!

There’s no doubt about it: Zombie Apocalypse makes you want MORE and provides a perfect taster of the new album. The single contains a special hint about a widespread disease of our time – and rest assured it’s not Corona…

Singer Mark Tornillo explains: “They’re everywhere, they can’t put them (mobile phones) down. They can’t keep them charged; they can’t take their eyes off the screen! It’s a zombie apocalypse!”

Eclectic Norwegian hard rock band WHITE VOID recently signed a world-wide deal with NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS. Their debut album, Anti is set to be released on March 12, 2021. The band have also recently released two new singles Do. Not. Sleep. and This Apocalypse Is For You.

WHITE VOID is the new brain-child of Lars Are Nedland (BORKNAGAR, SOLEFALD) who comments as follows:

“Life is absurd, which means that sometimes strange coincidences occur. Like the fact that the paths of WHITE VOID and NUCLEAR BLAST crossed at the perfect time within the strange year that is 2020. I’m stoked to be working with the world’s biggest and most renowned hard rock and metal label on getting WHITE VOID into the ears and minds of music lovers all around the globe, and I’m confident that this will be a prolific endeavour for everyone involved. We have some pretty special tricks up our sleeves when it comes to this whole enterprise, so step over the event horizon and get drawn into the Void. You’re in for a ride!”

Nuclear Blast recently announced the signing of progressive heavy metal vehicle, ​INTERLOPER. The band presents the first collective effort as a band; ​A REVENANT LEGACY EP.

The band comments: “We are pleased to present to you, after much time, our first collective effort as INTERLOPER: A REVENANT LEGACY. It has been a long time coming, to say the least. This band, as some of you may know, has undergone a variety of changes, the most important of which being the evolution of the music we write.

Although the five songs that make up ‘A REVENANT LEGACY’ came about over the course of a few years, the majority of them for one reason or another never saw the light of day upon completion. Rather than abandon them in the wake of the full length, we have decided to let them guide the way. The path our listeners would have otherwise taken over time all along, we now offer as one body of work. Please enjoy ‘A REVENANT LEGACY’ – the journey travelled in the pursuit of what makes Interloper, Interloper.”

There’s a new addition to the worldwide NUCLEAR BLAST family: The label is more than proud to add one of the most-promising extreme metal acts to their roster and welcomes Danish Blackgazers L!

Nathan Barley Phillips, European A&R, states:
“I am absolutely delighted to welcome MØL to the Nuclear Blast family! On a trip to Denmark a couple of years back, I was lucky enough to see the band play live and was instantly taken aback by a band that manages to combine some of the blackest vocals and heaviest riffs with visceral moments of pure melodic beauty. I am over the moon that they have chosen NB as their new home, entrusting us with their previous records and laying plans for new music in the very near future!”

The band adds: “We are excited and humbled to be working with Nuclear Blast, after a year of writing the follow up to jord. We feel that we are in very safe and competent hands, and we can’t wait to show our new songs to the world.”

Dutch symphonic metal giants EPICA recently announced the release of their new album Omega, out on February 26th 2021 via Nuclear Blast. Omega is the band’s first studio album in five years. The band release a music video for their mesmerizing third single, the ballad Rivers.

“Our third single has arrived! ‘Rivers’ symbolizes the calmness and at the same time the uncertainty in life, the ebb and flow. The calm water represents peace, and a strong river stream means that you have to face challenges and swim against the tide of life”, comments Simone Simons.

The highly revered and critically lauded blue-collar Arizona death metal band GATECREEPER has officially joined Nuclear Blast, home to a lion’s share of the heaviest riffs in rock and metal.

Regarding the signing, GATECREEPER states:

“We are excited to start the next chapter of Gatecreeper with Nuclear Blast. We look forward to continuing the growth of our band with Monte Conner and the rest of the label.”

ROB ZOMBIE releases his second single The Eternal Struggles Of The Howling Man off of The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy, to be released March 12th, 2021 via Nuclear Blast.

The LP is ROB ZOMBIE’s seventh studio album and marks his first new album in nearly five years. The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy is a classic Zombie album to its core with high-energy rages like The Eternal Struggles of the Howling Man and Get Loose to heavy-groove thumpers like Shadow Of The Cemetery Man and Shake Your Ass-Smoke Your Grass. The new album is produced by ZEUSS.

With just three weeks to go until the release of his first solo record in five years, Ricky Warwick has released the title track to WHEN LIFE WAS HARD AND FAST featuring none other than Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott on backing vocals. The accompanying video, depicts the County Down Ards TT Motor Race that is seen on the album’s cover and ran from 1928-1936. The cover shows an accident from one of the races that happened directly in front of a field that was part of a farm owned by Ricky’s grandfather, where Ricky himself lived for the first 14 years of his life.

AMORPHIS have released their shaped vinyl single Brother And Sister, limited to 666 copies via Nuclear Blast. The band have also revealed a new lyric video for the song Brother And Sister.

Keyboard player Santeri Kallio comments: “Two great songs from the “Queen of Time” sessions on vinyl which is great. The atmospheric ‘Brother and Sister’ and majestic prog-driven ‘As Mountains Crumble’ were also good candidates for the “Queen of Time” album’s final tracklist, but in the final run ended up as album bonus tracks to give a special edge to different releases. With this release it is great to see these songs get the attention they deserve.”

In these troubled times, blackgaze pioneers ALCEST shine a little light into the dark with their other worldy sound. Labelled as innovators of a surreal genre mixing shoegaze and black metal, the French duo has established itself as a forerunner of its own style of music that draws the listener into a dreamy soundscape, achieving them over 42 million streams worldwide.

Their latest studio album Spiritual Instinct saw the light of day in 2019 via Nuclear Blast. Hitting the German album charts at #12, it was supported by a massive European tour which included several sold out shows. With Spiritual Instinct, Neige and Winterhalter melded both the heavy and lighter aspects of the band, and today, ALCEST present a brand-new face to their art with a cinematic instrumental acoustic version of their hit single Protection.

Icelandic wrecking crew UNE MISÈRE unleashed their explosive full-length album SERMON via Nuclear Blast Records. The band celebrated the record by playing a hometown release show at ÐNÓ, Reykjavik Iceland. The band releases the live audio and footage from the memorable show in the form of SERMON Live.

UNE MISÈRE comments, “On December 14th, 2019, we played our release show in Iðnó, Reykjavík. We put everything into the show, both physically and mentally and the reward was way more than what we had expected. The atmosphere inside that venue, the mindset shared by all those who attended and by those who were working the show – it all came together. We want to thank everyone involved for helping us make this a reality. Our Sermon lives forever!”

Sludgy UK post-metal heavyweights CONJURER have signed a worldwide deal with Nuclear Blast Records. Their still untitled second full-length and follow-up to their critically acclaimed 2018 debut album, Mire, is set to be released later this year.

CONJURER’s Brady Deeprose (guitar & vocals) comments:

“Conjurer are extremely excited to partner with Nuclear Blast worldwide for the forthcoming release of our second album. Having spent the last year or so getting to know Monte Conner, we count ourselves lucky to be working with not only a true legend in the world of heavy music, but one who continues to champion exciting, forward-thinking art. We’ve now also been introduced to Barley and the rest of the international team at NB and it’s evident that they understand our mentality and want nothing more than to support and nourish our creativity. In what has been an awful year on so many levels, we are grateful to have found the right home for our music. We look forward to working together with NB to bring you our sophomore album in 2021, and much more in the years to follow.”

After several years of silence, DEVIL SOLD HIS SOUL returned last December with a late 2020s music sensation: The UK based Ambient Post hardcore outfit announced their new album Loss out on April 9th – their first release under the wings of Nuclear Blast Records.

But the band has more up their sleeve and DEVIL SOLD HIS SOUL revealed the next piece of the colourful mosaic named Loss.

Singer Paul Green states:
The Narcissist’ is our heaviest track on the new record. It was written about the negative and disruptive people we have in our lives from time to time. It’s a middle finger to their unapologetic attitude and their inability to grasp reason or logic. It seems the world has spawned a lot of these types of people lately and this one’s for them.

We started capturing elements for this track 3 years ago during our shows in Japan. Jonny our guitarist/producer, recorded the dissonant warning bells from the train station in Tateishi where we were staying. It’s a really cool memory from our time out there and to have it on the track just adds something special for us, it takes us back to that time and place every listen.
We worked with the super talented Olli Appleyard on the music video for this track. Oli has an incredible imagination and some techniques and style that are completely unique to him, which we love. The main focus was to make the video aggressive, schizophrenic and imposing. ‘Loss’ is a diverse record with many facets, each of the singles we’ve chosen showcases another side of the album’s sound. We hope those who are craving something on the heavier side find satisfaction in this track, there’s something for everyone on this record and we’re excited for you all to hear it on April 9th.”

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