Luca Brasi “Everything Is Tenuous”

Luca Brasi are the kind of band who just give you that… good feeling. Their songs wrap you in a warmth that strokes your hair and tells you it’s going to be alright, regardless of how bleak the subject matter may be. Everything is Tenuous is like ten hugs and a few forehead kisses thrown in for good measure.

The bands fifth album is another honest musical diary entry, recorded at home on a heap of gear the boys picked up before pandemic. Excellent timing! And what an outcome.

Everything is Tenuous is an intimate trip through singer/ songwriter Tyler Richardson’s head and heart. The sincerity and genuineness of Richardson’s lyrics are clear and straightforward :

It’s too hard, being anyone
So I drank myself to sleep
Take it all personally
It’s all gone, so is everyone
Always take more than I can keep
And myself too seriously

For the first time in a long time
I’m drunk on nothing but you(Dying To Feel Alive)

The overall sound is crisp and hits hard when it needs to, managing to sound complex and simple at the same time. A casual listener will get the tunes stuck in their head for sure, I’ve had the album soundtracking my life today and I’m singing along already. But closer listens will uncover the intricate layers in each song and all the work that has gone into the production.

The four singles already released Tangled;Content, This Selfish Love, Dying to Feel Alive, and most recently Every Time You’re Here (I’m Gone) form a welcoming passageway into Luca Brasi’s house of honest, heart wrenching song writing, powerful musicianship and the familiar sentiments of trying hard and holding on. Welcome home.

Album Review By Carly Whittaker