2021 was the year a lot of artists withdrew and hid. It’s the year we all wished we could forget, however with a “nothing will stop us” attitude Bad/Love put their heads down and got to work. Before the lockdown hit Bad/Love snuck in a festival performance at UNIFY Gathering and (most of) a national tour with friends in The Brave as well as announcing their support on Dream On Dreamer’s final ever tour. The band managed to release two massive hits, DMU & Social Suicide (ft Ken of Crossfaith) in 2020 which have taken the band to a whole new level. Bad/Love were recognised by BIGSOUND as one of the fifty most exciting artists to watch out for in the country as well as being crowned a Triple J Unearthed Feature Artist. Once restrictions lifted in Melbourne Bad/Love were amongst the first to launch back into shows selling out two shows at Stay Gold in Melbourne. Now the boys are back to launch new single Feel Good at an intimate party with close friends in Bad Juju & Wayside. Guitarist Lachlan Monty answers some questions about the new single and plans this year for Hi Fi Way.

How has the build up been to the single launch for Feel Good?
The build up has been exciting! We’ve been so lucky to be getting some awesome attention from Triple J & Triple J Unearthed, being listed by Triple J Unearthed as one of their 10 artists to watch in 2021 as well as also being an Unearthed feature artist at the tail end of 2020. When announcing the single we also announced that our sophomore EP Life Imitates Art will be released on April 9th. There has been a whirlwind of activity going on in the last few months and we cannot wait to be back on stage and bring the fun energy of ‘Feel Good’ to life for the first time!

What’s the story behind the single?
Feel Good is a song about chasing the high, that feeling we don’t ever want to let go and desperately cling on to it at all costs. The song is a collaboration with our dear friend Matthew Gravolin (Agnes Manners, ex-Hellions). The body of the song was a song he had written for a long time that could never find it’s home and after hearing that intro hook, knew we had to finish it off together. We brought the song to our team and got to work to turn it into the Emo Dance Anthem it was born to be, we think we’ve done it (and Matt) proud!

Is there a feeling of urgency within the band to make up for lost time?
Absolutely. We tried to never lose time and were constantly trying to adapt to fit around the pandemic. It certainly made a lot impossible, but keeping a level head and an enthusiastic mind created a can do attitude that for us, was paramount to Bad/Love’s trajectory. We can’t shake the feeling that we are all on the back foot after last year and that stress has been driving us. Exhausting us, but driving us.

Do you think there will be just as many challenges this year as there were last year?
I think if there is one thing we learnt from last year, it is that challenges will arise whether we predict them or not. It’s made us become better and quicker at adapting to them and not letting them upset us if they are out of our control. That mindset isn’t productive or healthy. We aren’t thinking about the challenges at the moment, we are thinking about the opportunities that arise each day as we return to “normality” and we are thankful for each and every one of them that put us one step closer to our dream.

Did 2020 end up being a good time for writing new songs?
Yes and no. 2020 saw us release 2 new songs and achieve the most success the band has had to date. We were on the tail end of recording this EP when the pandemic hit and that certainly pushed everything back significantly. There was writing that was done and a lot of growth. Sadly I never had any time off with the pandemic, I only got busier and busier and wasn’t granted the luxury of an abundance of time to spend on creative endeavours. However, going back to that urgency to make up for lost time, every spare minute I could find to write, I threw myself into it and have written in my opinion, some of the best and most mature Bad/Love songs to date. I look forward to following this EP up and sharing those writings with you.

Are you building towards an album or EP?
Well I was trying to be ambiguous in the last answer but you’ve just come out and asked! We do want to do an album and that is the plan. We plan for our first album to truly show we have arrived and hope to work with some very respected teams that we’ve always looked up to when that time is right. With the world constantly changing and going back to my point about adapting, we will continue to write and release something we feel fits in with where we are at the time.

For those still catching on how would you describe Bad/Love?
We are fluid and changing. We don’t always know. We are emo kids at heart who love that genre and there is always an element in our music that shows that. We are theatrical and care about putting on high output live shows and connecting with our fans both in music and in person. We coined a term, future emo. It means what you want it to mean. A modern take perhaps? Where we see the genre going? You decide. In the meantime, you can’t judge a book by its cover so dive into DMU & The World In Colour and see where you sit in the spectrum.

Are you looking forward to getting over the borders and tour round the nation?
Do birds fly? YES. Dying to get back. Our first national tour was cut short last year and we have been burning ever since. We are booking a tour currently and plan to be hitting all our favourite places with some killer bands so stay tuned, that may be announced soon…

What’s next for Bad/Love?
The sky’s the limit and we are building a rocket ship. We are going to work at doing what we do best, to put out music we truly truly love and tour it to anyone who will listen.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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Bad/Love play The Workers Club on Saturday 13 February with Bad Juju and Wayside which is now sold out, Stay tuned for more show announcements.

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