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Looking for a new band that will make their mark in 2021. Well, check out The Clockworks. The Clockworks have a strong, punchy dynamic, drawing on intense post-punk influenced music to soundtrack snarling kitchen sink observations. Having been signed to Alan McGee’s new record label ‘Creation23’ immediately after their move to London, the quartet have impressed audiences in London and beyond with an impressive array of gigs and live performances. With a string of singles released s far there is no doubt when live gigs return plenty of people will be talking about The Clockworks.

Do you feel optimistic about 2021 or do you take it day by day at the moment?
We’re hopeful. Mostly we’re focused on doing what we can do now, writing/ rehearsing/ recording. But we’re excited about the prospect of gigging again whenever the time comes.

How hard has it been to get together to write and record new music?
The four of us live together in London so there’s no trouble getting together. Recording is bit harder with studios opening and closing but we’ve been in when we can.

Have you learnt a lot about yourself and your personal resilience being in lockdown several times?
I think like a lot of people, perspective has been a big takeaway for us. We’ve been fortunate enough to be able to stay busy writing and honing what we do. Outside of that we’re just looking forward to getting back to a sense of normality, and hoping that we might appreciate it even more when we do.

How did you cross paths with Alan McGee and you were surprised with how life had changed for the band?
We were always big fans of McGee’s work and followed him for years. I caught an article in the NME where McGee said bands should send him a DM on Instagram and the next morning on the train to work Sean did. He loved the track we sent him and two weeks later he was in our rehearsal room to see us play. He signed us on the spot. McGee has been brilliant. He’s shown us loads, helped us out loads and having just moved to London about two weeks before we met, it was great to have him in London to turn to since the beginning.

How did the band get together?
Sean, Damian and I met at school. We bonded over music and started playing together pretty quickly, in Sean’s shed. I’d been writing poems/songs for years and Sean had been in other bands before so we had stuff to play. We moved to Galway city after a couple of years, the previous two bassists we played with had both left to go to University. In the city we met Tom and he completed the line-up.

How would you describe the band sonically to Australian audiences?
The message Sean first sent to McGee to get his attention was something along the lines of “We’re a punk version of The Streets”. It’s always hard to distil it really because we’re influenced by so much, but that line seemed to work at the time.

How has work gone on the album and when will it be released?
We don’t have plans to release an album yet. We love to discuss it and have loads of ideas but we’re happy enough putting out singles for now.

Have you been stoked with the reaction to the singles so far?
Definitely. It feels great that each single gets to more people than the last, it’s building, and we’re excited to start playing the singles at gigs too.

Are you fully amped to get back out on the road and tour?
We are really excited about playing as much as we can. At the moment we’re focused on writing as much as possible and also keeping match fit so we’re ready when gigs can come back

What’s next for The Clockworks?
We’re just writing, rehearsing and releasing singles at the moment. Before we can start touring again I’m sure we will have released at least a couple.

What’s an interesting fact that most wouldn’t know about The Clockworks?
When Sean and I first started playing together, he would play guitar with his hands and play drums with his feet.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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