Colourblind Debut New Single “Changing Seasons”


Adelaide’s colourblind have kicked off 2021 with their new single Changing Seasons, which will be accompanied by release shows in Brisbane and Adelaide in February.

An all-consuming alt-emo dream that catches the first crack of light in the darkness, Changing Seasons is awash with glimmering guitars, ethereal harmonies and a nod to Oasis in the verses. Lyrically, it’s a contemplative track that deals with the uneasiness of drastic relationship and personal upheaval while learning to let go and accept what comes your way with each changing season.

The video for Changing Seasons was filmed across one gruelling evening, culminating in frontman Finn Cameron shaving his head as the sun came up – his locks only just now starting to recover.

Finn explains the concept behind the video: “We wanted to be reasonably naff in some parts of the video, literally having seasons change throughout the clip, which required a snow machine and a bunch of fake leaves. The snow machine is similar to a smoke machine, but instead shot out small bits of foam that quickly melted. The floor was completely saturated after each take and the camera was getting so wet so we had to wrap it in about five plastic bags to avoid damage. I’m sure Jayden (Crossing, Guitar) was screaming internally as liquid snow saturated his shed and bed, but props to him for turning a blind eye.”


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