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Late Nite Tuff Guy aka Cam Bianchetti is Adelaide’s ultimate DJing legend. There’s practically no Adelaidean who hasn’t danced a night away to his Disco, Funk or Techno beats around our city clubs and he’s coming back to his hometown to perform his popular Prince Tribute set at the Adelaide Festival as part of the Contemporary Music program. Prince – A Tribute is guaranteed to be a purple celebration honouring Prince in true Late Nite Tuff Guy style with big hits and more.

Late Nite Tuff Guy chatted with the HiFi Way about the Adelaide Festival and what audiences can expect from a night dedicated entirely to Prince and his music.

You’re a regular on the Adelaide Festival line up playing almost every year. What’s it like as a South Australian to play this festival?
Because it’s the Adelaide Festival its nice to be recognised by them as someone artistic who has something to offer. It’s an honour to do a show for the Festival.

This year you’re playing your popular Prince Tribute set. I’ve been lucky enough to see a few of those shows and Prince fans love it. As a huge Prince fan yourself what can audiences expect?
Obviously, the first thing is that it’s Prince’s music. I want to point out that I will be playing music that was written by him. Whether it’s a particular track or someone else’s track it’s all music written by Prince. The music will be presented in a DJ format and it won’t be edited in any way. It will be played in its original 12” recordings, the way he would want them to be played and heard.

Is that because you want to honour him in that way?
I’m a massive fan, I respect him and his music so much so it will be presented the way he put it out to the world.

What’s your favourite Prince song to play in this tribute show? And which one seems to get the crowd pumped up?
I think I Wanna Be Your Lover always gets the crowd going and also the way I come to a climax with that song. It’s like when I come to that point of playing that song “OMG, it’s like fucking heaven.” That’s probably not my favourite track of Prince’s music list but it’s a crowd favourite. As for my favourite, that’s a really hard question. I’m not sure what my favourite would be.

I’ll be happy if you play Controversy!
Yeah, Controversy is probably his one main song that you can really dance to even though all his songs are as well but Controversy has that 4/4 beat that can get you moving.

Will you include some obscure tracks or is it mainly the well-known hits?
That’s a hard thing isn’t it? I want people to recognise the music and obviously the fans will know everything. I know that the diehard fans want to hear something that’s a little different. Their favourites tracks are the ones that might of been a B-side but I will do a mixture of everything. Stuff that people know, stuff that some might not really be familiar with but can still dance to and have a great time.

Last year was pretty rough for live music lovers. We got to see you at the Defected Virtual Festival. That was a pretty big online audience. How was the ‘Online DJ’ experience for you? Were you excited to play to audiences in that way?
That’s a good question! I like and I don’t like playing online sets only because I’m the type of person, I think I speak for a lot of DJs, that the audience interaction is the most crucial bit of DJing. Without them the energy is not there and I find that difficult. As good as those virtual festivals were, they will never compare to being in an actual club.

How does it feel that this year you can get back in front of the decks and DJ to crowds again?
New Years Eve I went to Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast to play a couple of gigs and I have to say I was really nervous at first. I was saying to myself “Can I do this? Do I remember how to do this?” It was about ten months since I last played but after the first few tracks it was “Yeah, I can do this!” It was like riding a bike. It was a lot of fun to be up there. I was in Melbourne the past week and you could tell the pent up energy of the people and it was released. The Victorians were really happy to dance. You could see it in their faces. They were loving it.

You’ve been in the DJ scene a long time. What has been the highlight of your career?
Releasing my own original music, and I’m not talking about my edits, has always been a highlight. Playing Glastonbury a few years ago was a definite highlight. Such an incredible time and incredible festival. Other highlights were playing Berghain in Berlin and Sub Hub in Glasgow. They were some major events to DJ.

What’s in store Late Nite Tuff Guy in 2021?
Definitely more gigs. We’ll make those happen regardless of what comes our way. I want to release more music. I love doing the edits but I want to get back into creating some original music. I found over the COVID-19 period with a lot of time to be in the studio, sometimes spending sixteen hours a day. I’ve put down the foundations to some great music so hopefully I can get some of that out really soon.

Interview by Anastasia Lambis

Catch Prince: A Tribute performed by Late Nite Tuff Guy at the Adelaide Festival Summerhouse on Saturday 27 February. Tickets from the Adelaide Festival.

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