Jaguar Jonze

One of the performances we are really looking forward to at the Adelaide Festival is Jaguar Jonze who be playing at the Adelaide Festival Summerhouse. Already we have stood up and taken notice of her brooding vocals on Hermitude’s Heart Shaped Box cover, her powerful bid for Eurovision: Australia Decides, her Live-Act of the Year (QLD) award in the NLMAs, and her nomination for 2020 triple j Unearthed Artist of the Year. Jaguar Jonze has been gaining momentum over the past year and a half and will be performing hits from ethereal-pop debut Diamonds & Liquid Gold, and recent tracks from her forthcoming ANTIHERO EP.

It is great to be talking about live shows, are you looking forward to playing the Adelaide Festival?
I’m looking forward to playing Adelaide Festival but also just coming back to Adelaide. We were meant to swing in for a show last year for The Adelaide Guitar Festival and our DEADALIVE tour and were so heartbroken when border restrictions changed the situation twice. I love Adelaide and it will be our first show there.

Do you have a favourite spot in Adelaide you like to go when you are here?
Adelaide is still somewhere I am exploring but last time I really just loved strolling through the city and its Botanic Gardens. I’ll take the suggestions if anyone has any!!

For those who are looking to come to your show what can they expect?
Intensity, ferocity, passion… and some terrible banter by yours truly.

Did you learn a lot about yourself and your own personal resilience last year?
I learned so much about myself and grew a lot as a person. I had my personal resilience tested so much through fighting COVID-19, the restrictions and cancellations, three quarantines and then the #metoo movement that happened in the Australian music industry.

Do you feel optimistic about 2021 and being able to play more live shows?
Well, I try not to think about it to be honest. I had 8 shows cancelled in January and so I think the best mindset to carry into this year is to make loose plans and be extremely flexible. I can’t wait to play more live shows and I do feel optimistic about 2021. We’re very lucky in Australia.

Congratulations on the new single Astronaut, what’s the story behind the song?
It explores my relationship with the anxiety I’ve battled in my own life; how I can feel so claustrophobic in small spaces yet lost in vast spaces.

Do you enjoy making the video clip and do you enjoy being hands on?
Yes, I got to do stunt training to manoeuvre in the wires. It tested my physical ability but was an experience I’ve never had before. This was a concept I drew up while under hospital care with COVID-19 last year and to have it come to fruition is such an amazing feeling.

Are you building towards a new album?
I’m working towards a new EP ANTIHERO which will be released in April.

Do you think your sound has changed much since you started out?
I think it has but because on my end it has been incrementally changing over a long period of time, I never noticed until I revisited my old catalogue and compared it with my recent song writing.

What’s the next challenge for Jaguar Jonze?
I feel like navigating this new music industry as we fight COVID-19 is the biggest challenge most musicians are facing. Touring and playing shows is my favourite part of being a musician as I love connecting and sharing with people, so I hope to be able to creatively accomplish that more this year compared to 2020.

Interview By Rob Lyon

Catch Jaguar Jonze at the Adelaide Festival Summerhouse on Thursday 25 February. Tickets from the Adelaide Festival.

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