Even “Down The Shops”

Melbourne’s masters of pop ‘n roll Even are back with an awesome collection of covers that they have released along the journey. Wow! Hot damn! Absolutely love what they have done with Down The Shops and my pastel blue vinyl has been played more than once or twice. The thirteen tracks on the album pay homage to their musical heroes and those bands that have inspired this much loved band from the likes of The Kinks, The Beatles, Yardbirds, Sunnyboys, Hoodoo Gurus to The Stems. Now fans can have all of these great tunes all in one spot after originally appearing on singles or tribute albums.

‘Til The End Of The Day is a firecracker that gets things going in scintillating fashion and a nod to The Kinks classic. This originally appeared on the Don’t Wait single in 1996, yep back in the day when bands released physical singles. Even take on The Beatles adding bonus track And Your Bird Can Sing which is a B-side on the Stop And Go Man single from 1996 and the Gary Valentine Blondie power pop masterpiece (I’m Always Touch By Your) Presence Dear is unreal.

Some of the highlights for me include MC5’s Shakin’ Street (originally appeared as a B-side of their Rock ‘n Roll Saved My Life seven inch and the brilliant cover of The Stems For Always (appeared on The Great Stems Hoax 2002). The rocking cover of The Sex Pistols tune Pretty Vacant taken from a never before released recording from the Jukebox gig at Cherry Bar in 2014. It would be remiss of me to gloss over Arthur (appeared on Hoodoo Gurus tribute Stoneage Romeos) and For Your Love (The Yardbirds).

The rock ‘n roll climax comes by way a cover of the Masters Apprentices Living In A Child’s Dream. There’s no doubt that front man Ash Naylor is one of the best indie rock guitarists going round. If that’s not enough the brilliant cover of True by Sydney 90s supergroup featuring Mandy Barron, Smudge’s Alison Galloway and Screamfeeders’ Kellie Lloyd is so, so, so good. 2021 is off to a great start with this top notch release.

Album Review By Rob Lyon

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