Vacations Drop “Lavender” Video Surprise For Fans

Vacations have dropped a holiday surprise for fans with a brand new clip for their adored 2020 single Lavender. While the past year bought challenges to acts across the globe issuing new material, Vacations managed to not only release their best work so far, but also clock their biggest year yet, connecting with a now massive international audience.

Lavender – which caused triple j Unearthed to proclaim that the then feature artists “know how to write high-tier indie-pop” – is the single that kicked the year off, and what an introduction to the new album Forever In Bloom it was. Lavender is the track that changed everything for Vacations, it marked both a consolidation of sound and a confirmation of resolve within the band to take this project as far as it could go creatively.

For the video, the band ventured out on a road trip from their native Newcastle to The Blue Mountains and shot 8mm footage along the way. As Campbell Burns describes, “Film photography has been a hobby of mine for a few years now, but I only started taking it more seriously this year. I wanted to document our writing trip, not only through photography but also through visuals, and in a way where everyone could feel a part of it.”

Regarding the use of the retro 8mm film medium Campbell explains, “There’s something intimate and nostalgic about the format, and it has this amateurish charm whilst still looking professional. I thought as well, that it’d be a good way to bring things back to being “in-house” after a string of bad luck with trying to tee up music videos during COVID. We weren’t on anyone else’s time but our own, it helped keep the process extremely casual and low-key.”

Representing the band without the aid of a huge budget saw the inner personality of the group come to the fore, making the clip a now fave for the band as Joey Van Lier offers, “I hope that this type of content shows people who we really are and what we are like IRL, As opposed to the big commercial ‘image’ that major production videos often seem to aim for”

As Campbell concurs, “I think out of all our videos, it’s my favourite one so far because it’s most “us” we’ve ever been on camera. I don’t care for large scale productions with a huge budget and a script, I just want to see people as they are and have an emotional response or connection with them. I think fans of ours, old and new, will feel the same way when they see this.”

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