Monster Hunter

If a non-stop action-packed film filled with unique looking monsters and interesting costume designs is what you’re looking for to end 2020, then Paul W.S. Anderson’s Monster Hunter is perfect for you. Natalie Artemis, played by the formidable and enchanting action veteran Milla Jovovich is an original character who leads us through this maze of monsters.

The audience is thrown into an immediate action sequence involving sandy shipwrecks and an anonymous tribe of people fighting away the first of many monsters of the film. Then we are transported to a scene with Military Commander Artemis and her team of soldiers. The group are on a mission for the United Nations and become abruptly disrupted by an enigmatic portal, forcing them into another world. It is here where the action continues as they battle for survival against giant crustaceous spider-like creatures and cockroach-sounding monsters ready to ravish the soldiers.

As one of the rare survivors of the new world, Artemis finds herself a somewhat frenemy in Hunter. Hunter, played by martial artist Tony Jaa, and Artemis are acquainted then go in search of the portal. What follows is a visceral thrill ride into a turbulent, vibrant experience where the undeniably iconic Jovovich plays the perfect role as Artemis, along with her accomplice Hunter.

Fire swords, bows and giant jaw blades from the original video game are abundant weapons in the film that make the fight scenes between monsters, like the Diablos, and humans even more graphic and visually exciting and fun. Hunter’s and Artemis’ dual blades, carving knives and slingers stay true to the video game features, allowing film producers and crew to create shockingly gross and indulgently violent battles between the fighting duo and the fascinating, determined and enormous monsters.

In an almost 3D interactive experience, you will get carried away in the dramatic action, enthusiastically rooting for Hunter and Artemis. With a touch of humour throughout, Monster Hunter does succeed at engaging audiences, but it is a little lengthy, with a shallow plotline failing to break up various action sequences. Audiences are seemingly left wanting more of a background explanation and development to characters personal stories.

This Capcom video game film adaption is a whole lot of jaw-dropping fun, badass fight scenes, goofy moments, spine-tingling creatures and everything you want in an imaginative, escapist story to end a crazy year!

Movie Review By Zara Zampaglione

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