The Avalanches Announce Live Stream

The Avalanches announce a very special live streamed DJ performance to celebrate their 3rd studio album We Will Always Love You. The Avalanches’ Australian store has a limited number of album + ticket special offers. Click HERE for more information.

Available to watch across the globe, the performance will be streamed three times across three time zones on Saturday December 19th: 8:00pm local time Los Angeles, 8:00pm local time London; and 8:00pm local time in The Avalanches’ hometown of Melbourne.

Filmed on the rooftop of iconic Melbourne institution Curtin House, the duo will be spinning tunes from their own catalogue along with faves and deep cuts from their vast and eclectic record collections.

In a message to fans, the band say, “What a year! We are extremely grateful to have been able to release music during this tumultuous time and in some small way continue to connect with you all. We would be thrilled if you would join us for our live stream event to help us celebrate the launch of our new album, ‘We Will Always Love You’. We will be putting our hearts and souls into this performance and we hope it will uplift you as much as it does us. Let’s end this year on a fucking great note! Come dance with us.” – Tony and Robbie

The Avalanches’ live set will be followed by an exclusive screening of Jonathan Zawada’s short film Carrier Waves, a visual companion piece to We Will Always Love You which also features music from the album.

Of the short film, The Avalanches say, “Carrier Waves’ explores the transcendent nature of music itself. Beginning with the physical, we become the ephemeral, escape the confines of the planet before we are bounced back by celestial objects. On our return we have changed, enmeshed in the universal fabric. Having shed physical form, we become one.” This feeling is seconded by Jonathan Zawada who says, “’This film is about how we can move from the unsure human condition to a liberated state of positivity and freedom.”

Big believers in the life changing power of music, wherever they’re playing and whatever they’re spinning, The Avalanches’ sets are always guaranteed to be joyous, raucous and uplifting affairs. This performance is one not to be missed!

Tickets are available now for Australia

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