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After premiering via triple j’s Good Nights last night, Australian rock favourites Slowly Slowly officially release new cut Comets & Zombies. Marking a taste of what’s to come from the band in 2021, Comets & Zombies flows between pulsing verses and a pared back chorus with classic Slowly Slowly fragility and vulnerability throughout.

Frontman Ben Stewart shares that the track was loosely inspired by the story of an acquaintance and his fiancé who passed away from drug addiction issues.

“Despite the self-destructive loop they found themselves in, I could see they maintained an unbreakable adoration for each other,” he says.

“I think there is something tragically beautiful about the love between people who are burdened with a self destructive predisposition…I was really inspired not by the circumstance of their passing, but by their beautiful love for each other – it was palpable and timeless in an almost “Romeo + Juliet” like fashion. It’s yet another song for the pile of ‘love conquers all’.”

UNFD is thrilled to announce its latest signing in rapidly rising metalcore outfit Hollow Front. The announcement comes alongside the release of a new single + music video from the band titled Wearing Thin as well as news of a special re-issue of their acclaimed debut album Loose Threads via UNFD in early 2021.

The arrival of Loose Threads in June saw Hollow Front declared an immediate must-watch, clocking over 1 Million streams in its first week and 4 Million + in a matter of months. Offering a moment of reprieve from the outside chaos and a reminder that we aren’t alone, Loose Threads – though released in the chokehold of an impossible global landscape – appears to have surfaced at its destined point in time. Now positioned on the verge of a global breakout, the Grand Rapids four-piece are fuelling the fire with new single and music video Wearing Thin.

On the track, Hollow Front vocalist Tyler Tate shares:

“‘Wearing Thin’ is a love lost song, it’s about deep pain from losing someone that you thought was it, that you loved so much but they just don’t feel the same way about you. I was coming from the angle of my past relationship, I felt so tired from it yet I didn’t want to bring myself to let it go because there’s a part of you that thinks it could still be OK. It wasn’t healthy, so ‘Wearing Thin’ is really me saying that I’m ready to stop feeling this way.”

Ocean Grove are offering up a sweet combo of new releases with the reveal of new single + video DREAM as well as a reimagined cut from their latest album with SUNNY (Remix).

Vocalist Dale Tanner describes DREAM as the ultimate PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) anthem, an ideology and energy he says all of team OG champion and incorporate in their everyday lives. Originally a hidden track on Flip Phone Fantasy and written long before the year was thrown into disarray, today’s official release of DREAM arguably marks the track that 2020 needs.

“It feels as though the lyrics have taken on an even deeper relevance when we look back on the stories of life’s fragility that have been making headlines for months,” explains Tanner.

“Ultimately it hopes to inspire listeners to stop paying attention to the naysayers and the constant reminders that we’re not good enough and instead to chase those crazy life goals to no end. This song is OG running to the rooftops and shouting loud and clear that time is our greatest commodity and we shouldn’t waste a bloody second of it.”

Bassist Twiggy Hunter adds: “Dream was written to empower the listener and instil a sense of don’t-give-a-fuck-ery with a bold, glistening undertone of optimism and hope. We hope listeners can use this song as a form of lifeblood to not give up hope through the times ahead and go on to prosper and thrive in their own individualism.”

Fresh from the announce of his new label home, Up Late is announcing his forthcoming EP STARS will be released on Friday December 18, alongside the reveal of new cut Fuck You ft. Hearteyes.

The moniker for Wollongong singer-songwriter, producer and visual artist Max Pasalic, Up Late’s latest single features fellow Wollongong artist and longtime friend Hearteyes. Leaning heavily into his flair for alt-rock, Pasalic explains that Fuck You is a response to rules and routine and embodies the DIY ethos both artists hold close to their chest.

“Fuck You is our chance to literally say fuck it to the rules and parameters placed on artists and creators,” he says, adding that this track marks the first “rock song” in the purposefully genre-less Up Late project.

“When I originally wrote this it was just four guitar chords because I honestly suck at guitar. That’s the DIY hardcore attitude – ‘who cares if I can’t play guitar? I can play four chords so fuck it that’s my song’.

“Hearteyes dm’d me after hearing ‘Friends’ and we started re-connecting. I showed him ‘Fuck You’ and he saw the vision immediately and came into the studio the next day with a Chrome Hearts trucker and a tote bag full of beer and tracked his verse in 10 minutes. He’s got true chaotic energy, he’s the human embodiment of relentless creativity.”

Fresh from their signing to UNFD, US progressive metalcore heavy hitters ERRA are revealing their new single and video, House of Glass. Coming after recent single Snowblood, the track offers another hint of what’s in store for ERRA come 2021. House of Glass debuted via Revolver who classed the single as a neck-snapper.

House of Glass challenges tenured listeners with a curveball as one of ERRA’s most ambitious songs to date, with their reputation for technical riffs, genius musicianship and visceral lyrics are on full display. On the single, vocalist / guitarist Jesse Cash explains:

“The lyrics started as a mutation of two ideas; the first being the seemingly heightened sensationalism of suicide over the last few years; the second being partisan ideology paralleled with cult-like zeal. The concept of connecting these two ideas stemmed from my musing over how much depression and suicide could have at least in part been heightened by the polarization of the 2016 election year and onward.”

Frank Iero and the Future Violence aka The Future Violents have announced that their new Heaven is a Place, This is a Place EP will be released on Friday January 15, 2021 via UNFD. Serving as a companion piece to 2019’s critically acclaimed full length, Barriers, the EP is split into two distinct movements.

Side A reveals the true meaning of “Violence”, a song title Iero has teased on bass drums in all his Future Violents music videos. Indeed, it’s opening gambit of “You got so sick, I thought I’d die, you got so down, I couldn’t get high” before the chorus refrain of “Your violence feels like kisses to me, your silence makes it harder to breathe, your distance feels like I’m not enough…I need your touch” sees Iero at his most scathing and damaged. Never have these words felt more relevant as they do now. This ferocity and redemptive anger continues into “Sewer Wolf “ where in the chorus Iero professes, “I come alive forged in fire, My love will break these chains built from pain, they can’t hold me down.”

In total contrast to side A, side B finds the band more delicate and thoughtful, complete with soaring soundscapes before the final crescendo of Record Ender. All while paying beautiful tribute to Iero’s journey with The Future Violents and its members musical fortitude.

In 2016, Iero and his guitar-playing brother in law, Evan Nestor, were involved in a brutal motor vehicle accident in Australia – one they barely survived. During the process of recovery, the REM song, Losing My Religion started making pivotal appearances in unusual places / weird circumstance and the mantra repeated itself as time went on.

After premiering via BBC R1 this week, UK grime-metal quintet HACKTIVIST have released a video for new single Armoured Core. The band teamed up with rising artist Kid Bookie on the track, following his recent collaboration with Corey Taylor, as Armoured Core marks the beginning of an exhilarating chapter for the five-piece.

On the single, co-vocalist J. Hurley comments: “It’s like a shield against anyone attacking us. Anyone can say anything they want, but you can’t get through the armoured core! Talk shit if you want, but it ain’t gonna affect us. I listen to a lot of other rappers and I know that my lyrics are strong. I know that no-one can fuck with this.”

“This is a song for anyone who is going through a hard time and needs building up. It’s motivational. It makes you feel like, ‘Nothing can touch me, I can do this’, but it’s personal to Hacktivist as well,” adds co-vocalist Jot Maxi. “With what we’ve been through, a lot of other bands might have broken up, but we’re back with this new record and a new dynamic, which even I think is great and I’m super self-critical. As long as you’re alive and still breathing, your core is armoured and protected by something. This song is a reminder to stay strong.”

Kid Bookie concludes: “Glad to be working with the boys, man! When you have an eclectic bunch pushing a sound I love forward, why the FUCK would I never want to share some sonic space with a bunch of beautiful, sexy, iconic men?! Fuck the free world, HACKTIVIST up in this bitch.”

Dream State return with a huge new single and video Monsters, out nowfollowing a world exclusive first play with Annie Mac on BBC R1 last night. It follows the thumping reception to their debut album Primrose Path, out now via UNFD.

On the track, Dream State vocalist CJ Gilpin explains:

“’Monsters’ is an expression of the inner goddess in me and is about the acceptance of my messy, chaotic energy; the owning and surrendering to who and what I am. It’s an awakening and I am saying, ‘I am okay with who I am and I will not be misled anymore’. It has taken lifetimes to get here.”

Produced by long term collaborator Dan Weller (Enter Shikari, BABY METAL, Bury Tomorrow) Monsters is the first chapter in an incredibly busy next 12 months for Dream State. The band are currently recording a new EP due for release in the first half of next year, and will also be unveiling a limited edition vinyl press of their Recovery EP. These will be followed by their rescheduled UK tour supporting I Prevail throughout April/May 2021 (on mostly already sold out shows) and slots on both Slam Dunk and 2000trees festivals.

The band would also like to announce the amicable departure of drummer Jamie Lee, who has decided to step away from band life. The band wish him well and will be announcing a permanent replacement in due course.

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