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Melbourne-based alternate hard rockers Cicadastone have released the official video for their latest single Out of Sight out now via Golden Robot Records.

Out of Sight is the follow up to the recently release singles Dying In Sunshine and Box Of Anger. All three tracks are taken from their upcoming 2021 album Cold Chamber.

“Out of sight is a song about self-discovery and challenging yourself to know who you really are. To admit your faults and be ok with it. We are who we are even if we wanna be something else. Look within yourself and ask that question. Are you happy with who you are? You should be, but It’s easy to lose sight of a vision and hard to stay focused on your goal. We’re always cascading out of sight….’’ – Cicadastone

With unique instrumentation and biting vocal intensity characterising the latest offering from Cicadastone, Out Of Sight, will go a long way towards establishing them as one of Australia’s hottest new rock acts.

Hailing from Dayton, Ohio ABERTOOTH LINCOLN are an aggressive, spacey hardcore progressive punk band. Their music is heavy, weird, complicated and can flip genres within seconds. But the bottom line is they are unique and refreshing. On the back of their recent single and video Hell House, ABERTOOTH LINCOLN have dropped a new single Soup For My Family via Riot Records. Again, it is another tour de force of musical innovation

“This song is a response to the violent and subversive actions taken by undercover federal officers, police and right-wing militia against BLM protesters during the summer of 2020 in US cities. In Portland, Oregon people were literally pulled off of the street and forced into unmarked cars for simply protesting. The military sought to use heat ray guns against protesters in DC in September. Federal troops were sent into cities, and there are countless, documented examples of “mysterious people” taking actions to discredit the movement, doing things such as “brick baiting” or vandalizing property in an effort to distort the story and incite further destruction that could then be blamed on the protests. Then you have police gassing the streets to make way for Trump to stand in front of a church, bible in hand, for a photo shoot. Sounds like some ‘Escape from New York’ level fiction, but it’s really happening. This is our very angry song about it.” – ABERTOOTH LINCOLN

Amy Angel and the HellRaisers are straight outta the East Bay and they’ll have you kickin’ up your heels with their brand of Cow Punk! Their new LP Do It Again mixes country, punk, and psychobilly! Do It Again is out now via Die Laughing Records and Amy will convince you that “It’s Never Too Late!” It’s catchy, upbeat and delivers a fresh yet nostalgic feeling.

Amy Angel and the HellRaisers began with a phone conversation between two longtime friends. Don Lamb had come up with some lyrics and was wondering if he could count on his old band mate Tony Lourenco for the music. Tony and his wife, Amy, got busy and the rest is history! They got the band together with Amy on vocals; Tony on guitar; Don and Aaron Madsen sharing bass duty; and Mario Areias on drums. Aaron started recording at Amy and Tony’s Bay Area home during the summer of 2017. This album is the culmination of the creative collaboration of a group of friends who have one thing in common: the love of making music.

Melbourne based band Shotgun Mistress has released the official music video for their latest hard rock onslaught, Collide, out now via Crusader Records. Collide highlights the band’s now trademark style of combining stupefying guitar riff grenades, a combustible rhythm section and soaring vocals wrapped in a melodic maelstrom. Shotgun Mistress is as hard to define as it is difficult to ignore – Ignore them at your peril.

This quartet of consummate rock tune craftsmen is riding high on the success of their previous releases, including Save Me from Myself, which bulleted to No1. on the iTunes Australian Rock Charts and smashed into the Top 40 chart, and their last single Glorious Machine, which left charts smouldering in its wake for weeks on end.

The new track is another fiery affair; a blistering tumult of distortion led full tilt with a heart on the sleeve lyric and sly, endearing hooks that don’t let up. Collide is one more tantalizing preview of their forthcoming debut album, due to set the rock world ablaze late in 2020.

Wollongong, Australia based punks The Culture Industry have released their new single Middle Aged Kids via Riot Records. The Culture Industry delivers us a blend of old and new school punk with a grungy overtone. It is fun, good time vibes, full of humour and character… but still PUNK!

“This Grungy pop-punk satire track is a tribute to the girl ten years younger than us who called us Middle Aged Kids” – The Culture Industry

UK rock trio, SKAM have released a new single and video clip One Track Mind which is out now via X-Ray Records. It is the follow up to recent single Green Eyes and comes off their upcoming EP Intra. The track sees the boys express the darker side of the SKAM sound.

The fuzztastic buzzsaw riff heralds the story of a man with insomnia, the trouble he has getting to sleep and the thoughts in his head, all be it for a chilling reason. Inspired by the strange notion that even the most innocent can have dark secrets and things hiding in the shadows.

The track itself is the perfect blend of what makes SKAM popular, hard hitting riffs and a melodic sing-along chorus. The track features a guitar duel outro by SKAM’s Steve Hill and Paul Mahon of The Answer who makes a guest appearance to add some further fire.

Steve says: “The Answer were the first band to take us on the road so will always have a special place in our hearts, Paul has become a good friend and has some serious face melting skills so I could think of no one better to offer out to a guitar duel for our track One Track Mind we were overjoyed when he agreed and we are so proud of the result”

Turn it up loud and enjoy.

Denver dirt rockers LOST RELICS have dropped their new single Unrealistic Cause via Coffin & Bolt / Golden Robot Records. Sludgy, doomy and damn riff heavy LOST RELICS come at you with the same intensity of some of their contemporaries Corrosion of Conformity, Down, Crowbar and Clutch.

The weight of indifference is the boulder that crushes our society. Empathy is dead and with it so are we. It is an Unrealistic Cause. LOST RELICS employ Richter scale riffs to manifest the emotional density of these troubled times. Songs of protest. Songs of desperation. Songs for the end.

Riot Records brings you the new single from Denver, Colorado’s In The Whale titled Crosses. Crosses is the follow up to the recently released single Drug Dealer and will be released on 20th November. In The Whale deliver another aural beating to the senses. The two-piece are hell bent on pummelling you into the ground with their post rock assault.

“Crosses is lyrically about looking yourself in the mirror, realizing everyone is going to die and humbly wondering why we’re all here and what this is all for. We tried to execute a feeling of franticness and anxiousness with the push and pull off each musical section.” – In The Whale

Having recently signed to Golden Robot Records, WILDSTREET has now released the official video for their new single Still Love You. Trading in their usual hard rock guitars for acoustic instruments, the song optimistically reflects on lost love and heartache. The Prince inspired ending guitar solo by the band’s singer, Eric Jayk, reminds the listener that love songs still rock!

Still Love You has been released as part of WILDSTREET’s highly anticipated full-length album Wildstreet III, which will be out on Golden Robot Records in 2021. WILDSTREET was featured in Billboard magazine in July. With festival dates booked in the UK, Mexico, Colombia, Europe and USA WILDSTREET will resume their planned ‘Kings Of World Tour’ next year.

When Frames Collide is a term often used to describe the competing, clashing or contradictory framing of events. It is also the name of a short lived Melbourne rock band featuring Andy from Australian Rock Royalty, Horsehead on vocals who graced the stages of a number of intimate venues in 2019, playing to adoring crowds before disappearing to record, never to be seen or heard of again…until now.

Quattro, the one & only EP from When Frames Collide, is out now via X-Ray Records. It contains four glorious, 70’s infused musical nuggets for you to enjoy forever more.

Hailing from Denver, Colorado MESSIAHVORE have released their new single Blood and Guts via Coffin & Bolt / Golden Robot Records. Blood and Guts is a powerhouse track, highlighting the bands driving stoner / doom metal hybrid output. It echoes of contemporaries like High On Fire, Down Conan and Baroness.

Blood and Guts is the first single off of MESSIAHVORE’s debut upcoming self-titled release. It’s heavy, driving, short and to the point. Perhaps you think this song is about gore? You’d be dead wrong. ‘lood and Guts is about putting yourself out in the world and giving it your all. Face the judgment and ridicule good or bad. Give my blood and guts! Take my all!

Colorado’s STONE DEAF have released their latest single Cloven Hoof via Coffin & Bolt / Golden Robot Records. Cloven Hoof comes off of their upcoming album Killers.

Cloven Hoof is the follow up to their recent single Polaroid. There is a uniqueness to STONE DEAF, they manage to blend desert and stoner rock with an old-school US punk edge and that is evident on Cloven Hoof. STONE DEAF produce a unique fusion of genre bending sonic goodness.

Nashville, TN. based dream pop act Palm Ghosts have released their new single Static Swell via Golden Robot Records. Musically inspired by late 80s/ early 90s shoegaze and psychedelic pop sounds from the UK, Static Swell from Palm Ghosts observes the confusion of living in today’s world…from toxic partisan politics and the pandemic to the 24 hour news cycle, it’s impossible not to feel isolated.

Static Swell is textured, atmospheric and incredibly addictive Static Swell will no doubt see Palm Ghosts pique the attention of fans of their influences whilst digging their way into the aural senses of a new of batch of fans, high on current day dream pop.

King of Sweden have recently signed to Crusader Records, with their new single Dreaming About the Emerald out now. Dreaming About the Emerald is the first peek into the 6-track album The Training and it paints both a dreamy and energetic musical landscape.

Echoes of bands like King Crimson, Genesis, Gentle Giant, Yes to modern prog bands like Porcupine Tree, Dream Theater and The Pineapple Thief flow through King of Sweden.

On the back of three recently released singles King Creep, Never Stop and Beneath The Silence, psych rock outfit Kilfeather have released new full-length album Island of Forgotten Toys on Riot Records (part of Golden Robot Global Entertainment Group).

Island of Forgotten Toys is a 12-song powerhouse filled with every flavour of rock and roll. This new record is a diverse evolution of the heavy rock sound and unlike much heard in the music world these days. Kilfeather’s latest work explores many aspects of the genre while also mixing in a dash of punk and pop into the potion.

The album starts off with King Creep, a heavy fast-paced guitar freak out that leads you on a joyride into a multiverse of madness. Mixed with elements of punk rock and classic metal, the opening to this album pulls no punches and gets you right in the mosh pitting spirit. 

Rick Pierce is a founding member, lead guitar and songwriter of the legendary Seattle hard rock band TKO, whose debut release Let It Roll continues to cement the band’s cult-like status. Pierce then went on to play with Q5 (with Floyd Rose, acclaimed inventor of the Floyd Rose tremolo system) who’s album Steal The Light goes down as an all-time classic.

Pierce now returns with RPG (Rick Pierce Group) who recently signed with Crusader Records and have delivered new single Tick Tock. Tick Tock was written in the spirit of Q5’s Missing in Action, Steel the Light’s hard-hitting album opener. The idea is to get everyone’s attention from the start. It matches a heavy guitar riff to Floyd’s almost mystical lyrics. It is a pure slab of the best U.S. power / traditional metal.

Hailing from Geelong, Australia WARPED are a 3-piece band that have been around the traps for 30 years and are highly respect scene veterans. WARPED have earned a deal with Golden Robot Records and have now released their new single Raised By Goats. WARPED bring you a crunchy hard garage sound that blends in some chunky desert rock with an added Henry Rollins-esque aggression.

Raised By Goats features crunching riffs and bombastic beats that are matched by intense and angsty vocals. It is highlighted by tongue in cheek lyrics about cults and urban myth conspiracy theories. What else do you want to go out with a bang for 2020.

Australia Desert Rockers FULL TONE GENERATOR have signed to Golden Robot / Coffin & Bolt Records and have teamed up with OG Californian Desert Legend Nick Oliveri (QOTSA, Kyuss, Mondo Generator) for a double A side single that has enough attitude to rip the balls of a low flying bald eagle.

Without A Sound features Nick Oliveri on lead vocals and was jointly recorded in Melbourne Australia and Joshua Tree California, strap yourself in for a ride that will take you right back to 90’s Desert Rock. Without A Sound is backed by the equally as vicious If You Want Me.

Ghosts of Sunset are proving that there is still a hell of a lot of life left in the hard rock/hair metal scene. Their 80’s Hollywood styled hard rock has caused quite a stir with their recent two singles Miles In-Between (approaching 100,000 Spotify streams) and Never Goodbye which is not far behind.

Ghosts of Sunset is the project of singer-songwriter John Merchant from Western Michigan, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Todd Long and they have now delivered another glam drenched new single Another Rock N’ Roll Show via Golden Robot Records. Apart from Long and Merchant the track also features Tim Mosher from Junkyard on Lead Guitar.

“In an era when bands delivered arena level performances in small clubs on the Sunset Strip, the Rock N’ Roll Show is where you make the biggest noise and create the biggest buzz.” – John Merchant

Following up from their recent single Body Parts that delivered an intense, thrashy hardcore brand of punk, UNDER THE INFLUENCE wind it right back with an acoustic version of their 2019 track Propaganda Leaks which is out now via Riot Records.

“Propaganda Leaks acoustic version, is a heartfelt track about losing life or love due to struggling with society and its many downfalls. It was originally the single from our previous album Exchange My Brain. But this acoustic version is the brain-child of our fearless drummer Dan Southern aka (chicken wing) sometimes referred to as “the wing commander. He come up with the concept of this while experimenting with this as an acoustic track. Although this track couldn’t have been done without the help of a very talented friend Billy Demos on piano and guest vocals. This acoustic version showcases some raw emotion with a softer touch.” -UNDER THE INFLUENCE

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