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Electric Park are an alternative rock duo from Adelaide, South Australia. James Tate plays guitar and sings vocals, while Taiga Waugh plays drums. (Lachlan Sullivan, bassist, played bass on the recorded tracks but has since departed from the band to pursue another path, feel free to add or omit this information should you publish. ) Electric Park have a distinctive sound, which is a cross between Brit Rock, and Modern Alt Rock. They represent a new era of talented young artists who are discovering new heights of rock. The band tells Hi Fi Way more about the EP.

Is there a feeling of relief or excitement that your EP is about to come out?
Excitement definitely, not relief though. Making the EP has been amazing. We have a few studio sessions left before it’s complete, but I’m definitely going to miss the studio.

Was it as much hard work as you thought?
Harder. Definitely a lot harder. The amount of time that gets put into promotion, recording, practicing can’t be imagined, but only experienced.

Did COVID add another layer of complexity in getting it done?
We haven’t been too effected by Covid, as when the venues shut we just practiced until they opened up again. It worked well actually, because by the time gigs were starting up again, we’d got to a good level.

Sonically, how would you describe your music?
We’ve been told our sound is similar to 70s punk crossed with 90s Britpop. I’d like to think that’s true as most of our influences come from those genres and eras.

How did you get the band together?
It was February and I contacted one of my mates from primary school who was a top drummer and asked him if he wanted to start a band. He liked the idea, and that’s how Electric Park were formed. It’s that simple.

What are some of your main shared influences?
The main two would be Oasis and Arctic Monkeys. They’re definitely shared throughout the band. Taiga likes other bands such as Buzzcocks and The Streets, but then I love The Verve and Paul Weller. Sam Fender also influences some of our stuff.

Is there anything symbolic about the name Electric Park?
I don’t think so, no. I was listening to Johnny Marr’s album Playland, and the front cover looked electric to me or something like that. I thought we could call ourselves Electric Playland, but my mum suggested Electric Park, which was 100 percent better. So thanks mum.

Are there plans for more new music?
Oh definitely. I’d hope that we don’t stop creating new music until the day I die. I’ve already got ideas for the next EP and album in my head.

How excited are you about the prospect of touring?
Touring would be great. Starting local, and eventually playing Glastonbury or the GMEX would be amazing. It’s on our bucket list for sure.

What’s a fun fact that your fans wouldn’t know about Electric Park?
Probably our secret Sunday rehearsal ritual. It’s nothing religious or anything but we’ve done it since day one. Not saying what it is though, haha!

Interview By Rob Lyon

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