Powderfinger “Unreleased 1998 – 2010”

There’s no doubt that absence makes the heart grow fonder and Australian’s favourite sons Powderfinger have bobbed up again giving fans want they have been wanting for years is some new music. Just the tonic given the year that 2020 has been. Powderfinger will always be considered one of the biggest bands in the country with The Sunsets Farewell Tour going down as one the best send offs anyone will ever see. Regardless of what anyone thinks about them they went out on top rather than sticking around one album too long.

2020 has been a big year for Powderfinger despite any touring or repeated pressure for e a comeback tour, their was some hope after they reformed for One Night Lonely support the important work of Beyond Blue and Support Act. Unreleased 1998 -2010 follows the release of their twentieth anniversary deluxe edition of the seminal album Odyssey Number Five back in September.

Unreleased was recorded over the journey between 1998 and 2010 and it is their first new album in ten years. Listening to this album it is astonishing what songs didn’t make the grade for whatever reason at time and how they were essentially cast aside. There’s some absolute gems on Unreleased and to call them leftovers, rejects, strays or whatever term you want to use seems a tad harsh.

Unreleased opens with the cracking Day By Day and it is hard to believe there was no place on Vulture Street for this one. Daybreak is another gem also with front man Bernard Fanning indicating that both Day By Day and Daybreak are two of the best sounding songs they have ever recorded. I think the true beauty of Unreleased is that they pretty much appear in the same way they were laid down.

Things really keep chugging along with What Are We Waiting For and Diamond Ring bringing back some good memories seeing them play at venues such as the Synagogue, The Tivoli and the 1997 Big Day Out in Adelaide. Fanning brings the pace down a bit on Say It So I Know and the piano is a nice touch. The poppy vibes of Happy has this Beatles-esque vibe going on which is freaking fantastic. Interestingly the oldest tune on the album is Rule Of Thumb which was written for Internationalist and very unlucky to not get the nod.

We can only hope that the fans go crazy and make plenty of noise about Unreleased and maybe, just maybe they might plug in the amps one more time.

Album Review By Rob Lyon

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