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Hailing from San Francisco, Hot Laundry’s new single Shake is a full throttle rock ‘n’ roll revolution and it is out now via Die Laughing Records. Soulful lead singer Janette Lopez, rooted from Detroit, Michigan, brings her classic Motown style and her love for 1960’s bad girl garage groups to the performance.

Hot Laundry is heavily influenced by MC5, The Stooges, 1970’s east coast punk rock and delta blues. The music grabs you and you can’t let go. The band combines its love of Detroit horse power, NY punk rock and ground breaking rock ‘n’ roll.

Hot Laundry will make you wanna shake, slide and twist!

FANG were among the leaders in the West Coast’s hardcore scene, and were part of early East Bay punk rock scene. FANG were established in Berkeley, California, United States, in 1980. FANG are back with a blistering new single and video Minneapolis via Die Laughing Records. FANG dropped their latest album Rise Up! in 2019.

“On Thursday May 28th, 2020 the 3rd precinct of the Minneapolis police dept. was set on fire and burned by protesters following the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis cops. This and many other recent and historic events are the impetus for the new Fang song Minneapolis. There is, and has been, a war going on for far too long in America and every citizen, every person with a voice and a body needs to rise up and join the fight. This song is a call to arms and a condemnation of the diseased history of the United States and the continued systemic racism that exists.” – Sammytown (Fang)

RENEGADES is the brand new album from L.A. Guns (Steve Riley, Kelly Nickels, Scott Griffin, Kurt Frohlich), is out now through Golden Robot Records.

To further whet the appetite of their rabid fan base, L.A. Guns have released a new single All That You Are, ahead of the release of RENEGADES! All That You Are it is yet another Rock classic from a band at the peak of their game!

Australian 4-piece punk act Under The Influence have dropped their new single Body Parts via Riot Records. Under The Influence deliver a vicious and intense thrashy, hardcore brand of punk that will satisfy metal fans as well as punk devotees.

Body Parts is real-life psychosis in a song. It’s dark, it’s diverse, it’s crazy and it’s real… or was it really a dream? Whilst living a life built on lies, deception and stress You find yourself slowly falling and dealing with psychotic episodes and hallucinations of your own demise. Which include witnessing your own body parts scattered across the road. It’s a fiery cauldron of mental confusion.

The Bloodshots are a true rock & roll band from Western Canada. Winnipeg-ish to be precise, the home to some of Canada’s great bands.

Their never-say-die attitude fuels the engine under the hood pushes these denim-clad rockers further down the heart-worn highway of busted bottles and broken promises. Destination? Rock & roll Damnation. Singer CJ’s in-your-face vocals cut over ripping guitars as the ear-drum assault announces that a high-energy stage performance is about to engage the audience with pure raw power

Their latest single, No Way Out, out now via Golden Robot Records, is a rock anthem that grabs you by the ears and doesn’t let go for 3 and a half minutes. The guys produce that loud rock sound with a catchy chorus that they’ve been known for. Lyrically, frontman CJ Loane brings out his demons for the party and you’re all invited. Buckle up world.

After earning their reputation by setting legendary NYC stages on fire, SickWalt unleashes a sound-defining effort with their latest single Demand The Stage, out now via X-Ray Records. Demand The Stage is taken from their upcoming album Shove n’ Love.

Demand The Stage is an addictive, head-bobbing, toe-tapping song with blazing crisp guitar riffs, thumping & pumping drums, and a robust bottom end that lays the foundation for SickWalt’s unique vocal style. It also has that undeniable NYC sound!

SickWalt certainly have the pedigree to create some major noise on the rock scene. The band is fronted by Walt “Sick Walt”, Matt Middleton on guitar, Rob Buckley on bass (Cro-Mags, Urban Sun, M-16) and Eric Arce on drums (The Misfits, Murphy’s Law, Skarhead, Maximum Penalty).

Hot on the heels of their recent single releases Pay Attention, The Depender and B-Side Baby, Canada’s King Bull have dropped their long-awaited new EP What Happened Here? via Riot Records. King Bull encompasses 70’s rock and punk with an angsty vibe and some earthy streetwise riffs and powered by a punk-tinged, rock-ignited fuel. Fired up by intricate licks, buzz-cutter guitar tones and uniquely edgy vocals, they cover what is great about rock music.

King Bull’s What Happened Here? is not a concept record, it was not constructed to achieve some sort of grand vision, nor does it strive to unravel the meaning of life. Instead the record does away with all nonsense and pretentiousness, leaving just five stripped down bangers loaded with real life integrity and grit.

The EP is sonically cohesive throughout, featuring snarling guitars, growling bass, thunderous drums and vocals that sound similar to a jet engine that isn’t working properly. Most of the equipment used during the recording process pre-dates the 1980’s and includes a guitar that’s been snapped in half several times and a bass that’s quite literally survived a house fire.

A closer inspection of the songs reveal direct lyrics backed with enough wit to remind you that there’s still some room for poetry within rock and roll. Before the label “punk rock” existed, there were a bunch of bands that operated with less precision and carried more angst than typical rock and roll bands; bands like the Ramones, MC5, early AC/DC, the Clash, the Who etc. What Happened Here? is right at home when stacked beside music like that.

Sydney hard rockers Avalanche are set to release their new single Get Back (To Fckwit City) via X-Ray Records on 16th November. Get Back (To Fckwit City) is the follow up to their recent single Permanent Ink.

Avalanche are 4 misfits from Sydney’s west, playing electrifying, roof-crashing, rock n’ roll for a new generation.

Get Back (To Fckwit City) is a raw, punchy and anthemic ode to the band’s hometown and the often-fascinating civilians which reside in it. Recorded at DEF WOLF Studios with producer and engineer Mark Matula, the track utilises a warm, old-school feel, practically recorded live in the studio with a no fills, no frills, guitar-in-amp, stripped-back approach. This is the song you’ll be singing in your head whenever you’re stuck in traffic, when you miss your train, when your boss pi*es you off, when your folks kick you out, when you’re cut off at the bar… when you’re urinating on a city wall in front of a cop. This is your song.

Hot on the heels of their brilliant debut single Alone TogetherMinefield: Todd Kerns (Slash ft. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators) on vocals and bass, Brandon Fields on Lead Guitar, Jeremy Asbrock (Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley) on Guitar and Matt Starr (Mr. Big, Ace Frehley) on drums, have dropped their new single Home via Golden Robot Records.

On Home the band keeps the theme of big arena choruses on hand with this superb track. Home is ready-made hard-driven arena-rock and shows that Minefield are ready made for the big stage. Just like the first single, Home features the same all-star line-up, and the song was mixed and mastered by Anthony Focx. 

Minefield are already breathing new life the hard rock scene and the future looks very bright indeed.

A recent signing to Bread & Butter Records, Mudspitters is a rock trifecta epitomizing modern day frustrations and emotions that people deal with on an everyday basis. Different Hues is the follow up to the recently released single Carry You (Through The Trip). Mudspitters deliver deep and intense alternative rock that will haunt your thoughts.

“Different Hues is a song exemplifying and expressing self-reflection, confusion and lastly gratitude on being shown a new perspective that opens up the world in an entirely new way. We recorded this track during quarantine in the garage of Hunter’s house. With the tensions of the world and frustrations of my personal life, I worked with Hunter and Sandy (2/3 of Mudspitters) to connect a sound to the feelings that have been pounding in my heart and soul. This song was written out of love for someone else but the more I listen to it the more it feels like love for who I’m becoming” – Kai Carlton.

Melbourne Australia’s Zenith Moon have created quite a stir over the last few months by releasing 3 critically acclaimed singles Going Under, Gypsy and Fight For Me via Golden Robot Records.

Zenith Moon’s latest single, Illuminate is a run in with self-doubt. When doubt settles in, the very things that give you joy can become your greatest nightmare. Illuminate is about seeing your way through the darkness.

Drawing from indie-rock and dream-pop, Illuminate is as soft as the rising sun. With a groove built upon African cross rhythms, Andie (drums/keys) throws his full musical weight behind the kit, making every note heavy with emotion. Kalliope (vocals) is powerful yet beautifully intimate in her performance and Matt (guitars) juxtaposes beautiful colour and an emotive rawness that delicately draws you in.

An unmistakably powerful offering, Illuminate is the swan song of doubt, one that will settle under your skin for a long time to come.

Manchester based DIRTY LACES are a down and out rock ‘n’ roll outfit who hit you with crunching and hypnotic guitars, huge drum fills and a sound that echoes the likes of The Cult and Led Zeppelin meshed with a Libertines-esque vibe. Their new single These Days is out now via Golden Robot Records.

“These Days is a song about the times we now live in, along with the history of class struggle and the rise and fall of empires and how that’s relevant to what we’re experiencing now. The song was written just after a long stint in isolation and was fuelled by the emotion that comes with long periods without social interaction and the things you take for granted. Most of the media we were consuming at the time was very negative and bleak and painted a picture of the mess that the UK was in.  But there has always been struggle and resistance towards power in history. It’s obviously not a new thing” – DIRTY LACES.

Wollongong, Australia based punks The Culture Industry have released their new single Middle Aged Kids via Riot Records. The Culture Industry delivers us a blend of old and new school punk with a grungy overtone. It is fun, good time vibes, full of humour and character… but still PUNK!

“This Grungy pop-punk satire track is a tribute to the girl ten years younger than us who called us Middle Aged Kids” – The Culture Industry

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