New Music For The Bonnie Doons

Following on from the release of Fred in September, we’re getting a new look at the music The Bonnie Doons are taking fans into summer with in announcing their new EP, The Betweeners.

The four track release from the Brisbane roots group comes rich in groove and rhythm, positioning the young band as formidable champions of this sound out on the East Coast. From the EP, The Bonnie Doons also release a new single, also the EP’s title track, The Betweeners. A hit of laidback goodness, The Bonnie Doons remind fans of the strength they’ve got behind them as a band and for newcomers, it’s a perfect introduction.

Co-written by Kane Kennedy and Torian Brewer, The Betweeners sees The Bonnie Doons embrace more pop sounds and progressions in their song writing and arranging. Where they were influenced earlier in their career by the likes of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bob Marley and Gorillaz, The Bonnie Doons have cast their net wider with new material incorporating more hip-hop and alt-rock sounds. Leading the EP, The Betweeners kicks off a musical journey focused on the intricacies of relationships.

“It’s about being stuck in limbo because you’re too afraid to just commit to making a decision. You know what you need to do, but you’re avoiding it because it’s a tough one. The point being, we all need to make our decisions (sooner) and commit to them. Whether that be ending a toxic relationship, or something else. Too many people let life pass them by because they sit there hesitating.” Kane Kennedy, The Bonnie Doons

Recorded at Brisbane’s Alchemix Studios, production was handled by Kennedy before being sent to ARIA winning engineer Govinda Doyle (Angus and Julia Stone) for mixing and mastering. As Kennedy explains, exploring new sounds and challenging both himself and Brewer in the writing and recording process ultimately led to great progression from everyone involved.

“This record was a new approach to music for me personally, we steered further from the Aussie surf-rock sound to a more pop-like 90’s vibe. I still hear similarities between this and our previous record, mainly in the guitar work, but it was ultimately Torian’s vocals that gave us the ability to pursue a different genre and direction with the music.” Kane Kennedy, The Bonnie Doons.

The Betweeners’ is out now!
The Betweeners EP is released Friday, November 20th.

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