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Fronted by the charismatic person Edith Coleslaw aka Ashley Pooler, Abertooth Lincoln recently dropped their debut single for Riot Records, Hell House, and now the accompanying music video.

Hailing from Dayton, Ohio Abertooth Lincoln are an aggressive, spacey hardcore progressive punk band. Their music is heavy, weird, complicated and can flip genres within seconds. But the bottom line is they are unique and refreshing.

“This is the story of two naive but rebellious teenagers that magically get transported to a world within a comic book, in which they are subjected to the horrors of an evangelical hell house attraction. To save others from experiencing the same trauma and judgement, the teens take matters into their own hands, waging a bloody battle against the “demons” of Hell House. Hell Houses are a real thing, managed by evangelical churches in every state. They are run by people who get off on judging and condemning their neighbors, and pretending to be actual demons dragging sinners to hell. It’s violent indoctrination and fear tactics used on teens, and we thought it’d be fun if the people that do this sorta thing got sent to hell for a change.” Abertooth Lincoln

In a world where punk rock seems to change definition more times than most people change their minds, Australian NSW South-Coast based Radio Rejects stick to the true definition of the genre. Influenced by old school 4-Chord and 90s skate punk, the Rejects push the true ideology that punk rock is all about fun and dare we say rad times – but sometimes music can be used to address a darker side.

Their new single Monsters, was written as an anti-bullying song by Radio Rejects singer Smith. At a young age Smith was bullied and picked on a lot, which over the years ended up with him developing some inner demons and mental health issues.

These issues contributed to him being somewhat of an introvert and shy, which was often mistaken as being arrogant, when truth is, his inner head space would cause him to think people didn’t like him without giving them a chance to prove otherwise. This gave off an impression of him being “cold”. The song focuses on the long term effects bullying can cause, and as in a lot of cases, the people you consider to be a Monsters were made over the years of being treated like garbage.

Melbourne-based alternate hard rockers Cicadastone have released their new single Out of Sight via Golden Robot Records. Out of Sight is the follow up to the recently release singles Dying In Sunshine and Box Of Anger. All three tracks are taken from their upcoming 2021 album Cold Chamber.

“Out of sight is a song about self-discovery and challenging yourself to know who you really are. To admit your faults and be ok with it. We are who we are even if we wanna be something else. Look within yourself and ask that question. Are you happy with who you are? You should be, but It’s easy to lose sight of a vision and hard to stay focused on your goal. We’re always cascading out of sight….’’ Cicadastone

Beneath the Silence is the new single from Kilfeather and the follow up to the recently released singles Never Stop and King Creep both out now via Riot Records and it is out now.

Beneath the Silence is a barreling punk rock anthem explodes like a Molotov cocktail. With a catchy hook, screaming guitars, and a runaway train style rhythm section, this track is definitely poised to get heads banging and bodies moving. The lyrics feel like a shot of adrenaline and its musical sneer amplifies the songs rebellious attitude.

Formed in Los Angeles in September 2019, Iboga Gazebo is an eclectic mix of highly talented, well known and respected musicians. Different backgrounds, but joined by a pure love of music. The union formed produces a sweet and melodious sound that will be devoured by music fans. It is a new form of rock, delivered by some of the industry’s best. They release their debut album Dose Age.

With Dose Age, an aural delight awaits the listener with this beautifully crafted whimsy put together by Jeffrey Cain and Richard Ploog from The Church, Amanda Brown from the Go Betweens, Eric Avery from Janes Addiction and Jebin Bruni from PIL and Rufus Wainwright from Fiona Apple, plus elegant vocalist of beauty Kim Yang.

A thematic repose into the grander scheme of things conjuring atmospheres of relegated obscurities such as The Great Pyramid, the omnipotence of the system that we are immersed in, the Annunaki and the origins of mankind, and the emotive struggle of man in love, loss and estrangement and the ironic circumstance of the human condition.

Dose Age was preceded by two singles; Twenty Third Eye which is an ethereal and evocative tune, highlighted by the stunning vocals of Kim Yang and Equinox.

Australia’s hottest up and coming Punk act The Kids have released their new single Go Back To Canberra via Riot Records. The Kids don’t hold back Go Back To Canberra it is a furious, angst and frustration ridden Punk Anthem. Go Back To Canberra is going to elevate The Kids to the next level, musically it shows a huge growth in maturity, and lyrically it dives into the real social issues of Australia’s Capital city. Punk rock has delivered some of music’s most powerful messages and the best political punk tracks have retained their relevance. Go Back To Canberra is set the join that list.

“The tragic tale of Australia’s national broken home. Discussing the dysfunctional ins and outs of its community. No disturbing details spared, all brutal truth and no filter. An evil tune that can mean anything to anybody.” THE KIDS

When Frames Collide is a term often used to describe the competing, clashing or contradictory framing of events. It is also the name of a short lived Melbourne rock band featuring Andy from Australian Rock Royalty, Horsehead on vocals who graced the stages of a number of intimate venues in 2019, playing to adoring crowds before disappearing to record, never to be seen or heard of again…until now.

Heroes, the second single from their EP Quattro, is out now on all streaming platforms and it is a superbly crafted rock track that deserves to be heard! It combines the best of classic Australian rock influences with a strong British rock vibe. This hidden gem now gets a chance to see the light of day and damn, it’s good.

The Dogs are a three-piece proto-punk band formed in Lansing, Michigan, United States in 1968. They are noted for presaging the energy and sound of the later punk and hardcore genres. They have released their latest single and video Welcome To The Revolution via Die Laughing Records.

“The song was inspired by Michael Des Barres who came up with the title and also by a Martin Luther King Jr quote. They both really moved me and lyrically hit a nerve because of the turbulent political landscape and the social injustice & unrest that we are living through today. ” The Dogs

The Dogs revive the classic sound of the late 60s and Early 70s with their sonic output channelling such bands as The New York Dolls, MC5, The Dictators and The Stooges.

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