Montear Premieres Video For Debut Single

Montear is a solo post-rock artist who has only recently debuted his first single Dear Earth. The track showcases the artist’s vision for complex instrumentation, natural soundscapes and his passion for evoking
emotion in the listener through a combination of audio and visual. The music is inspired by iconic instrumental rockers Sigur Ros and Explosions In The Sky and the video draws inspiration from Montear’s own life experiences.

“The instruments need to sing and tell a story for themselves and there’s a lot to that, to be able to disconnect from words and allow the listener to create their own world of imagination. That ties back to my love for movies; you can change emotions by bringing together a dramatic scene and a dramatic score. I love the wave of emotion that comes from the two of them together.”

Montear combines his passion for writing music with his love of film in this post-rock, cinematic masterpiece.

The video begins with soundscapes of footsteps on a moonlit gravel road and follows the path of a lonely traveller making his way through a myriad of desolate landscapes. “We seem to be going through life day after day on a direct path, almost like a functional autopilot. We forget what is around us and what is important in the grand scheme of things.”

The collage of reverb-soaked instrumentation follows along with uplifting crescendo moments that invoke inspiration and encouragement, and when a door appears in the distance that energy levels out.

“As we stop and take in the surroundings a moment of clarity can wash over us as we realise there are more important things in life then just material possessions, goals and success. Often these things are right in front of us, but we need to take a journey back to the innocence of childhood to realise what’s really important. It’s always just behind the door.”

Dear Earth is the first taste of Montear’s upcoming EP, set to drop early next year. Each track will be showcased with a cinematic interpretation representing the narrative of the track’s inspiration.

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