Faker Announce Their Return

Faker are delighted to announce the release of their lost third album from 2011, Get Loved, on all streaming and digital platforms for the first time. It comes as the band announce that they’re reforming after having disbanded in 2013.

Nathan, the band’s lead singer, describes Get Loved as a record full of heartbreak that signifies the struggles the band were going through at the time of recording.

Faker during their peak released two albums – Addicted Romantic and Be The Twilight – and four EPs, and had numerous hits, including platinum smash hit This Heart Attack, Hurricane, The Familiar and many more.

Get Loved features 10 tracks, including lead single Hearts To Break. The album is out October 16th, and is available on all digital and streaming platforms.

From the band:

“To celebrate the just-announced (and very official) re-banding of Faker in 2020, we’ve decided to look to our past and finally make available the missing 3rd Faker LP from 2011, ‘Get Loved’. A record which was made lovingly, then given away via our mailing list, but never officially released at the time.

‘Get Loved’ lives as a snapshot of Faker during a surprisingly rocky 2010 and 2011. It was crafted by a paired-down Faker (Nic and Nathan) who thought, “why not build a studio and produce our own record?” Wrapped up in something to dance around your bedroom to, it contains all the heartbreak that led to the eventual disbanding of Faker in 2013, until now. ‘Get Loved’ was given away on Nathan’s birthday (December 2nd) in 2011. Now, on October 16th – inadvertently the anniversary of Nathan’s own coming out – we release with love, our 3rd record, Get Loved.”


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