Australian Electronic Favourite ShockOne Releases Dynamic Single “Follow Me”

Known and respected as a pioneer in the Australian drum and bass scene, ShockOne a.k.a Karl Thomas, releases his enthralling new track Follow Me. The record is out now via ShockOne’s recently launched label Dark Machine Records and in conjunction with world-renowned bass music brand UKF as part of their 2020 Series – a series of exclusive singles from some of the biggest acts in bass music from around the globe. Following on from the release of his highly anticipated sophomore album, A Dark Machine, released via Warner Music and Monstercat Records in 2019, ShockOne now unveils his dark new single, Follow Me, centred around a hard-hitting bassline, and filled with grimy undertones, all further enhanced by a computer-generated vocal that captures the realities of today’s online landscape.

ShockOne further explains the meaning behind the lyrics, “’Follow Me’ is a message from the all-seeing, and all-knowing god of algorithms that dictate all aspects of our lives today. Our new religion is here, on every screen, in every app, on every platform. Proclaim your faith today, hit the follow button now.’”

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