Doves “The Universal Want”

Manchester alt rock band Doves are right up there on a pedestal for me and I was beyond excited when their fifth studio album The Universal Want was released. As a fan it has been a long and patient wait for a decade since their last album Kingdom Of Rust. As they say in the classics good things come to those who wait and it is so true with this album. It is literally like they picked up right from where they left off. This album is so, so, so good. Love it! Fans who are concerned about what maybe, don’t be! The magic is still there.

Doves return albeit older and wiser, but with added optimism, with their trademark catchy melancholia, which recalls the classic album Lost Souls. The album opens in splendid fashion with Carousels, it’s anthemic and uplifting. The folk tinged I Will Not Hide is catchy but it’s the straight up indie rock of Broken Eyes that has them smack bang in familiar territory.

There’s some really great moments that continue to captivate such as For Tomorrow and dreamscape Cathedrals Of The Mind which is stellar effort and apparently is an ode to Bowie. When we emerge from this COVID haze Prisoners will no doubt be a live favourite being one of the more upbeat songs on the album. The psychedelic Mother Silverlake sounds fresh and exciting. Forest House closes the album in true Doves fashion being haunting, contemplative and a perfect way to end. As I put the CD back in it’s sleeve there definitely something from the line from Prisoners “Hello old friend, it’s been a while, it’s me again, we’re just prisoners of these times” which makes this listening experience the perfect escape.

Album Review By Rob Lyon

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