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Following the release of lead single, The Planet of Love, earlier this month, modern blues/rock artist, Brad Cook, has dropped his first solo EP, Time to Fly, as well as second single and music video, Shake It, out now across digital platforms. Shake It can be described as a raunchy up-tempo love song. One of the last songs Cook wrote for Time to Fly, it’s about a lover that’s sexy, ravishing, and seductively knows how to shake you to the very core. Brad drops by to answer a few questions for Hi Fi Way.

How hard is it pushing your way through this health crisis and contemplating releasing new music?
It’s an extremely difficult time at the moment for everyone. I was nearly going to put my EP release date on hold, but I felt that if I was able to bring some enjoyment to my followers throughout this craziness we are all experiencing, then It was my responsibility and duty as an artist to release it now.

Has it been tough passing the time in lockdown in Melbourne?
Yes it definitely can be tough, especially when I’d normally be performing with regular shows every week. I love having that energy and connection with a crowd. I am really missing it at the moment. But I know at some point we will be able to enjoy that again. I’m honestly just trying to stay in the present moment and as positive as possible for now.

Have you continued writing new music or baking?
I’m no good at baking things haha. I have had some creative moments, and started to write some new song ideas. But staying focused and inspired is definitely a challenge at the moment. I’m really not forcing anything; I’m just letting the creative flow take over when it comes.

What’s the story behind first single, The Planet Of Love?
The Planet of Love is basically a quirky love song. It’s written about that moment you feel like the person you are with is from another planet, because they are unlike anyone else you have ever met on planet Earth. This is the first song I wrote for my new EP Time To Fly. I had the music in my head for a little while, and the lyrics were based on a very silly conversation I actually had with someone a long time ago. And as strange as it sounds, the words from that silly conversation just fell into the song without any effort.

Is there a lot of pressure and stress with your debut EP release and delivering something that best represents you?
Well at first, I initially just start writing songs without a project in mind. The process was to help me move forward from a difficult time in my life. The songs were never meant to see the light of day. But something deep inside me made me realise that these were the truest songs to represent me that I’d ever written. So at that point, I forged forward and committed to my first solo project.

Have you been involved in other bands?
Yes I was fortunate enough to have been the guitarist in a band called “Smother”, and another Melbourne based band called “The Eternal”.

Is there more new music in the works?
Definitely. I have a handful of songs that didn’t make this current release, and I have also been working on a few new ones since. So the next release will be out sometime in 2021.

What comes first – music or the lyrics?
Usually the song idea comes from a riff idea on the guitar, and then I go from there. I always have a vocal melody in my head before the lyrics are completed. Sometimes the lyrics come during the song development. But mostly once the music is written.

What artists/ bands do you look up to for inspiration?
Well for the most part, its still the same artist and bands that initially inspired me to play guitar. For example I listen to The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Deep Purple and Lenny Kravitz all the time.

How much are you looking forward to touring resuming?
Oh so much. I can’t tell you in words, but as soon as I have the green light to book shows I’m ready to go. It’s what I’m born to do. Create and perform for others. I find the energy and connection from performing is a massive source of inspiration for me to write songs. I can’t wait!!!

What is something that people don’t know about Brad Cook?
Good question! Well, I am fitness junky. I love fitness, and I’m addicted to that feeling of good endorphins releasing into the body after a great weight training session. I guess it’s like an addiction, but a healthy one.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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