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Melbourne, Australia’s The Mercy Kills are back, and will release of their newly remastered single, Fall on September 14th. The sleaze punk rock act have re-worked tracks from their 2010 Debut EP New Rule and Fall appeared on that release.

Fall is a post-punk inspired song about trying to keep in control of your life, while things feel like they are falling apart around you. This high energy track has always been a favourite between the band members and is still relevant to them today.

Hailing from Newcastle, Australia, thrash-punk outfit I Hate People caused quite a stir with their recent single You’re a F*ing $hitcnt and the humorous video that followed.

New World Order (Remastered version) is the latest single from I Hate People and will be released on 14th September via Riot Records.

New World Order continues I Hate People’s reputation for producing high-energy, fast-paced, all-out punk tracks with a nice metal tinge creating a vibe akin to Discharge and Motorhead.

Ghosts of Sunset features rock veterans John Merchant and Todd Long who have made music for 30+ years for 615 Records Nashville, IDOL/RCA records, and independently.

Their recently released single Miles In-Between, (Golden Robot Records) is a hark back to the glory days of hair metal, and one listen will transform you right back to when the Sunset Strip was THE place to be. Ghosts of Sunset share the music video for the track, which was recorded in quarantine, bringing the band members together via the wonders of modern technology.

The track features John Merchant (Vocals, Guitar), Todd Long (Bass, Harmoney Vocals), Johnny Monaco (Ex Enuff Z’Nuff – Lead Guitar), Kent Slucher (Luke Bryan – Drums) and Brian Roth (Keyboards).

“The story behind Miles In Between is once you’ve signed the big record deal, it’s time to take it on the road and share it with the world. The road is unrelenting. It changes lives, crushes relationships and can lead a trail of career ending destruction” – Ghosts of Sunset

Having recently released smash single Lonely, the UK’s Naipia return with another indie pop rock gem, their new single Tightropes, which is out now via Golden Robot Records.

Tightropes is about being aware of your centre-point. Noticing the light and the dark inside of you and maintaining the balance for personal growth.

Hailing from Brighton and Hove, Naipia combine indie, rock and pop genres, leaving audiences with addictive hooks and melodies etched into their minds. They create songs about misspent youth, the growth of the soul and hard lessons learnt. Naipia take you to a place of self-reflection whilst shining a light on the beauty of what’s to come. The message: It’s okay to not be okay.

Hailing from the frozen Canadian North Newcastle Kings released have their new single Problem Solver via X-Ray Records. Problem Solver is the latest of two new singles from Newcastle Kings and the follow up to Dreams. Newcastle Kings deliver an aggressive alternate rock sound that drags in the epic sound of the classic early 2000’s with a modern rock sheen.

The band’s recent work saw a breath of fresh life, and excitement brought into the band with the introduction of Colin Munroe on lead guitar for the new project, his assault of electric guitar delirium being forefront on track Problem Solver. Once again Newcastle Kings prove Canada know how to produce killer rock acts.

Canada’s burgeoning punk-tinged rockers King Bull have released their new single, and third for Riot Records, B-Side Baby. B-Side Baby is a tantalising insight into the band’s upcoming EP, What Happened Here. Following recent singles Pay Attention and The Depender, B-Side Baby backs up King Bull’s reputation of impressive musicianship and ingenious riff-writing capabilities in a fresh rock hit.

King Bull deliver yet another superb track that dives from garage fused punky rock to an incredible Guns N’ Roses styled crescendo. This could be the track that defines King Bull, it is ready made for arenas.

Previous single The Depender, encompasses 70’s rock and punk with an angsty vibe and some earthy streetwise riffs while Pay Attention, is powered by a punk-tinged, rock-ignited fuel. Fired up by intricate licks, buzz-cutter guitar tones and uniquely edgy vocals, it covers what is great about rock music.

Zenith Moon are baring their souls in new single Fight For Me. Based on a battle with cancer, Fight For Me is about enduring the worst and never giving up hope. This latest offering from Zenith Moon follows to recent singles Gypsy and Going Under.

An emotive power ballad, Fight For Me has room for Kalliope (vocals) to show her dynamic and emotional versatility. Starting with a delicate croon, she quickly ascends to dizzying heights as her message becomes more impassioned. The band is in lockstep with her, echoing her emotions; Matthew (guitar) wails in unison while Andie (drums) commands the full weight of the kit to help escalate the song into a tenacious intercession.

Fight For Me captures the hope that encourages us to never stop fighting; it’s always darkest before the dawn. If you’re going through a tough time, this one’s for you.

Colorado’s Stone Deaf have released their new single and video Polaroid off their upcoming album Killers.

Crafting a sound that encompasses desert rock, laced with a stoner rock vibe and a subtle U.S. punk edge, Stone Deaf produce a unique fusion of sonic goodness.

Put that shoe horn down cause those boots are stayin’ on and scootin’ over to the dance floor for Stone Deaf’s latest toe-tapper. With more hooks than Tyson, Polaroid is an auditory strip tease you can’t turn away from.

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