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Following continuous white hot streaks of radio playlisted singles, critical acclaim and selling out shows across the UK, Sea Girls (London, UK) have released their highly anticipated debut album Open Up Your Head featuring fourteen doses of memorable guitar-pop brilliance produced by Larry Hibbitt in London. The band have also shared a live session of new album track Transplant – which follows Forever, All I Want To Hear You Say, Do You Really Wanna Know? and Ready For More – which combined have dominated the airwaves and are ready to be sung by fans up and down the globe over the coming months. The band talk to Hi Fi Way about their new album.

Killer album, what was your reaction playing it back for the first time?
A mixture of relief and excitement. Relief that it was finally done as it’s felt like a long process, but excitement to finally have an album to our name. Listening over and over again to different mixes isn’t the same as listening to it without thinking about guitar parts and levels, so when we finally let go of that and listened back it was definitely a special moment.

What’s your favourite track and why?
It changes all the time for us. Lie To Me at the moment. That song feels a bit different to the other songs, it came at the tail end of recording and we knew we wanted something different to the other songs. It was recorded over five days and listening to it really brings back strong memories of recording. It’s also a great song which helps too!

Do you think your sound has changed much on this album compared to the four EP’s?
We like to think it has. Listening to the first EP you can definitely see what we were aiming for and as you get closer to the album you can see us chip away at that. Doing so many EPs was like a confidence builder, by the time we were at the album it felt like we could back ourselves and be a bit more ambitious with the songs. Don’t think we would have written a song like Moving On for any of our EPs but they definitely gave us the freedom to do it on the album. Because we have older songs like Call Me Out and All I Want To Hear You Say on there, you can actually hear how the sound has evolved and how those older songs slot into the bigger picture now.

Are you frustrated having the momentum slowed down by COVID-19?We’re all fairly zen about it. We know it’s out of our control and we were so lucky to already have a platform and some momentum with the album coming out. Once it hit festival season we definitely got pangs thinking about what we missed out on and if you let it you can easily let that bog you down. We know that when we can get back to playing live shows again it’s going to be as amazing as ever.

How have you passed the time while this mess goes on?
We took the time to have a bit of a pause at the start. We’d been touring and recording pretty regularly for about three years so it was nice to have a breather. That being said, after about two weeks we got itchy feet and really wanted to get back to playing shows. We’ve been trying to make the most of our time and finding new ways to interact with fans which has been great. We’ve done Netflix Parties, live sessions, set up WhatsApp groups with our fans, had some fun with socials. We do really have such great fans and it was such a no brainer to try and find ways to connect with them more, it’s been very rewarding.

How did the Sea Girls get together?
We were all at school together and we all gravitated towards each other as we all had similar music tastes. We were in various bands featuring different line ups but never all of us together. We stayed in our various bands after school but a couple of years in both of our drummers left. After a fairly unsuccessful audition for a drummer we decided to just merge our two bands and we haven’t looked back!

Were those initial jam sessions good times?
Absolutely. After having played so many gigs for a handful of disinterested people we knew that we wanted to write songs worth hearing. We spent a lot of time writing and practising before we’d even played a gig, it was important to us that we figured out what we wanted to do before we played any shows. Fairly early on Rory wrote a song called Daisy Daisy which was probably the first true Sea Girls song and everything started flowing from there.

Apart from Sea Girls what other bands in the UK should we be listening to right now?
We’ve been digging Baby Queen a fair bit and Another Sky released a great album recently. There’s definitely a great wave of interesting guitar music in the UK at the moment.

At some point in the future when it is safe to do so do your tour plans include Australia?
Yes we would love to play in Australia, we haven’t got any concrete plans yet as everything is so uncertain, but it’s definitely on our list.

What is something about Sea Girls that Australians wouldn’t know?
Rory was captain of his primary school cricket team and is still very proud of that fact.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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