Montana Sharp’s Top 5 Lockdown Activities

Mysterious newcomer Montana Sharp has announced her breathtaking debut single Greenhouse, a theatrical pop ballad about the lengths humans will go to protect themselves, even if it ends up hurting even more in the long run. It’s a fascinating song and a wild debut – one which is accompanied by a showstopping film clip, directed by Majella Productions (Mo’Ju, Ecca Vandal, Birdz). The clip sees Montana riding around on an endless carousel, cloaked in luscious red and gold, and watched on by spectators.

Greenhouse feels ready-made for a Eurovision campaign – definitely one for fans of Montaigne, Kate Miller-Heidke, Dresden Dolls, even Radiohead fanatics will find something to love here. Montana Sharp successfully meshes fantastical, theatrical influences with modern, innovative pop sensibilities on Greenhouse; glorious piano marches valiantly alongside epic strings and the orchestral percussion arrangement, while Montana Sharp’s flawless, expressive vocal is the undeniable star of the show.

Now, Montana Sharp shares her Top 5 Lockdown Activities

It’s the kind of game where you’re either playing it 24/7, or you don’t touch it for 5 years. Lockdown has reignited my burning passion for the Sims, and I bet centrelink would be a bit pissed that I spent some of Jobseeker on unnecessary expansions. I could easily spend twelve hours a day building mansions and downloading custom content. I can’t go out in real life, but at least my Sims are hitting up the clerbs!

Lockdown has been a small blessing in some aspects – My 14 year old golden retriever was diagnosed with terminal cancer this year, and it is fast progressing. I’m so thankful that we get to spend this quality time with him and devote all of our attention to making him happy. When we take Bingo to the dog park, he turns into a puppy again and runs around stealing other dogs’ (tennis) balls. He’s so cheeky in his old age!

I’ve recently been educated on how terrible fast fashion is, and am making an effort to shop more consciously as to not support unethical brands. Depop is a great app where you can buy from local sellers and score some one of a kind second-hand or vintage garments. I waste so much time (and money) on there, but when iso ends you betcha I’m gonna be looking so fly with my new clothes.

I was very anti-tiktok for the longest time. My boyfriend is obsessed and has made quite a few viral videos, so eventually I caved and decided to dip my toes in. Now I’m hooked, I only think and speak in TikTok. The algorithm knows me very well so there’s cute doggo videos to fill my time.

Oy vey. This was a big mistake. Boredom is very dangerous to women’s hair. I cut one little bit and then I had to keep going to make it even – and now I look like Lord Farquaad from Shrek. Much regret. 0/10 would not recommend this iso activity.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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