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Born and raised in Mount Maunganui, Georgia Lines’ musical story began with a Rockquest win in 2014. In the last year since the release of debut single, Vacant Cities, Georgia has appeared in over ten major playlists across the globe, rolled out a single distribution deal in the UK and has amassed well over one million Spotify streams and climbing for her debut EP release.

For new single release Made for Loving Georgia Lines has joined forces with director, photographer and creative director Cam Neate, to produce a visual feast for the 70’s inspired, Made For Loving, a stand out track from Georgia’s self-tited debut EP. Georgia brings Hi Fi Way up to speed about the single and EP.

Have you felt during this pandemic that as an artist it has really challenged you?
Yeah it has been a real challenge! Especially around releasing new music. The whole landscape as an artist in this time has been so interesting. The ‘normal’ ways of releasing music aren’t currently possible, so it’s forcing artists to connect and engage with their fans, play live, release music all via social media. A huge chunk of the face to face contact has been eliminated because of this pandemic which has made things challenging but has also forced fresh creativity… it has for me anyway.

During Lockdown in NZ, I actually released my EP which was strange. I had been working on the project for so long and would have never predicted back in the planning stages that we would have chosen the week of lockdown to release the EP. I had to cancel my release party which was a bit disappointing but I did decide to create a “better late than never” release party after a few weeks of being in lockdown via Instagram live. My inner child decided to create a “stage” inside our spare room/my studio and to organise a release party to celebrate with everyone online. I found a bunch of stage lights, brightly coloured tulle and random things from our house and made a rad stage. I played through all the songs on the EP, chatted about lockdown and actually loved being able to share with people even though it wasn’t face to face.

Do you think people are more or less inclined to be chasing new music?
I’d like to think people are more inclined to be chasing new music… people all over the world are being forced to stay inside, slow their lives down and as a result are spending time finding things to do. Hopefully one of those things is listen to new music! An incredible thing about platforms like Spotify are their curated playlists. For so many listeners (including myself) those playlists make it easy to discover new artists/new music that possibly I would never have found otherwise.

Congratulations on the single, what’s the story behind Made For Loving?
Thank you! I actually wrote the song after my ‘now husband’ had proposed in California last year. We were over in the USA for a family wedding and after our time in California I had planned to head into the studio the following week to record my EP over in Houston TX. Abel (my producer) and I had decided to spend the last day in the studio creating something new. Made For Loving wasn’t even supposed to be a part of the record, obviously because it didn’t exist in the planning stages of the project. But after Nathan proposing, I went into the studio feeling very loved up and inspired to write a fun love song.

Did you enjoy being involved in the production of the video?
Yes! I love being involved in the production side of things. I’m always creating things, not just musically… so find it really rewarding being a part of the whole process and collaborating with people that are creatively inspiring to be around.

What was it about recording in Houston that enhanced this song?
Working with Abel was a huge draw card for me. I had met him a few years ago when I was living /nannying in Houston TX for a few months and really wanted to work with him at some point. He is crazy talented and I found that musically he captured something awesome about my sound. So when the opportunity to work with him for my EP came along, I jumped on the opportunity and made it work with tagging the recording onto the back of our family trip to California.

How would you describe your single sonically?
There is something about Made For Loving that has a disco inspired feel, mixed with a fun 70’s vibe.

Recording it in two days did you feel the pressure?
I really enjoyed the pressure, or a sense of a deadline. It forced me to to be creative… it was almost like turning on a tap. Knowing that at the end of the two days something needed to be there. At the same time, It was also turning off the sense that whatever we created had to be something amazing, or needed to be the best thing I had ever written. That kind of pressure produces forced, weird songs (for me anyway haha). So on one hand I thrive under pressure… but as long as I just enjoy the process and allow my creativity to be whatever comes out, then it’s wonderful.

Are you building towards an album?
At the moment I am building towards another project… I’ve been writing so many new tunes and ones that I am so so excited by. Eventually I will work towards an album. I’m yet to decide if this next project will be an album or something else.

What’s your next challenge?
My next challenge is writing and creating my next project. Whatever that evolves into I’m yet to decide… but I’m currently in the writing stages at the moment and absolutely loving creating new songs and finding new sounds. It feels exciting for me to be creating in such a time as this.

My biggest challenge with writing new songs for me at the moment and something that I have been feeling quite convicted by… is creating music that is deeply honest and true to me. That’s a challenge, because I’m letting people into my space of thinking and processing. It’s a scary and vulnerable place to sit in as a creative. But I’m hoping that the more real, raw and honest I can be in my music and within the songs I write, there is something that actually speaks deeply to people and isn’t just something that fills space with words.

How much are you looking forward to touring resuming?
I was fortunate enough to play one of my most favourite shows to date a few weeks ago following the lockdown restrictions easing in NZ. It was a small, intimate show that I felt really lucky to be doing. It reminded me of how much I miss playing live music, and made me feel super grateful for all the times that we were able to play live before this pandemic happened. So, to answer the question.… I am very much looking forward to touring resuming.

What is something that people don’t know about Georgia Lines?
My first car was a peppermint green 1966 Hillman super minx. I wish that I had held onto that car, but was the worst car practically. It would only go as fast as 80km, 90 if you were going downhill and you couldn’t drive it further than Hamilton (which is like an hour away) without the car overheating.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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