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Last Time is the brand new, full-forced, rock ‘n’ party song from New York’s PSSR, released worldwide on July 20th via Golden Robot Records.

“When was the last time you had a good time? For some it could have been yesterday. For others it may seem like forever… Hopefully for all of you the answer will be, right now when you hear Last Time.’’ PSSR

Last Time is an all-out party song, with a strut totally exuding the energy of the NYC rock club scene.

First single Busted features Ferrer’s Guns N’ Roses band mate Richard Fortus on guitar and introduces the band with tough, defiant vocals over a gritty NYC rock backdrop.

GYPSY PISTOLEROS are still something truly unique and interesting in today’s predictable musical landscape. A sound and style that mixes sleazy glam punk rock with flamenco influences with a shout out to Mexican folklore and Spanish tendencies.

The Crazy Loco Loquito is the new single from UK’s GYPSY PISTOLEROS – out now via Riot Records, part of the Golden Robot Global Entertainment Group. GYPSY PISTOLEROS are something truly unique and interesting in today’s predictable musical landscape. A sound and style that mixes sleazy glam punk rock with flamenco influences.

The Crazy Loco Loquito is the follow-up single to the recent single, Una Para Todo es Bandido and taken from their upcoming album The Greatest Flamenco Sleaze Glam Band Ever: The 18 Track Anthology.

HILLBILLY HERALD is all about blue collar rock ‘n’ roll for the working man. From the Southern rock influence of Lynyrd Skynyrd to the street wise rock sound of Guns N’ Roses, HILLBILLY HERALD has you covered.

Born To Be Wild, the latest single from L.A.’s HILLBILLY HERALD, is a cover of the Steppenwolf rock classic. It features blazing guitar, an energetic tempo and adds a raw swagger and new life to the track.

Born To Be Wild is the follow up to the recently released single Sippin Tokin Lovin.

Hailing from Red Deer, Alberta which is not the most artistic of all Canadian communities, KING BULL has been plying the trade for the last 13 years.

A closer look and you might find a striking resemblance between “Red Deer Alberta 2020” and the 1977 film Slap Shot, only now the Hanson brothers have given up on hockey and started playing rock and roll.

Proving that rock truly lives; The Depender encompasses 70’s rock and punk with an angsty vibe and some earthy streetwise riffs. Canada’s KING BULL are ready to tell their story to audiences around the world, who are sure to get caught up in the infectious songwriting and uplifting delivery.

KING BULL are powered by a punk-tinged, rock-ignited fuel, and fired up by intricate licks, buzz-cutter guitar tones and uniquely edgy vocals.

Delivering a restrained-yet-moody vibe, Australian garage punk act MOOT pay homage to Clint Eastwood in a Sex Pistols meets The Good, The Bad and The Ugly kind of way.

Latest single, I Want To Be Like Clint Eastwood is the follow up to their recent single I Hate Hippies – MOOT’s comment on the image-conscious hipster. The one that puts on the “I’m in touch with the earth and wellness” schtick, but really, it’s just mummy and daddy financing a self-absorbed arrogant hypocrite.

Driving into the territory occupied by the Dead Kennedys, Radio Birdman and Black Flag; MOOT deliver it with ease, showcasing a wealth of experience and talent.

GOB PATROL are one of the latest signings to Riot Records (part of the Golden Robot Global Entertainment Group) and the Las Vegas based punks have today released their new single, Anarchy.

GOB PATROL are heavily inspired by the legendary 80’s US punk scene highlighted by acts such as Black Flag, GBH, Minor Threat and The Germs. Anarchy is a track directly under the influence of the aforementioned acts. It’s angsty, rebellious, chaotic and 100% pure old school punk rock.

There’s nothing better than guitar-driven, hook-laden, straight-up rock ‘n’ roll and Melbourne based band, THE VENDETTAS fit right into that category.

Face To Face is the new single from THE VENDETTAS, released via Golden Robot Records. Face To Face is a dynamic, high energy, hard rock track that stacks up against the likes of Buckcherry and Velvet Revolver.

Known for their signature tones & vocal melodies, THE VENDETTAS produce a sound influenced by all the greats of the genre; Stone Temple Pilots, Black Crowes and The Rolling Stones to name a few.

K. Kilfeather is an American guitarist/singer/songwriter based out of Las Vegas, NV. He delivers a sound that can best be described as “psych garage punk”.

How heavy is the head that wears the crown? Kilfeather’s brand new single King Creep is an upbeat guitar freak-out spanning a multiverse of punk, rock ‘n’ roll.

King Creep shifts unpredictably as it winds somewhere between The Misfits and Black Sabbath, and it’s out now via Riot Records.

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