Lime Cordiale “14 Steps To A Better You”

It is a great move by Lime Cordiale to not put their second album 14 Steps To A Better You on ice to wait for this health crisis to pass over. What is pleasing is that this pop rock duo have stepped up their game delivering a really fun and enjoyable album. The album is a well woven tapestry of fourteen upbeat and engaging tracks that are full of energy.

There is definitely something in an album title. The album takes the listener on a journey of self-discovery and it is literally 14 Steps To A Better You exploring a raft of emotions and feelings that will indeed make you feel better and is just the right tonic for these bizarre times. There is plenty to like and is definitely one of those albums that ‘skip’ does not come in to the mind set listening from start to end.

Already we have been treated to a good chunk of the album already with the likes of Robbery, Inappropriate Behaviour, Addicted To Sunshine, On Our Own, Money and Screw Loose. The challenge is going to be which ones make and don’t make the set list on tour.

There is still plenty of gold left to discover with the summer vibes of That’s Life and the laid back groove of No Plans To Make Plans which will no doubt become a set staple in the live show. Tucked away at the back of the album is an absolute banger by way of Can’t Take All The Blame. We Just Get By is so relatable for many given the troubled times we’re facing right now. Dear London deals with that love hate relationship with that city and album closer Following Fools tops off a solid album experience. There’s no doubt we’ll be seeing Lime Cordiale play in much bigger venues in future.

Album Review By Rob Lyon

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