Lastlings Release New Single “No Time” With Anime-Style Music Video

Lastlings – Australian-Japanese siblings Amy and Josh Dowdle – unveil their ethereal new single No Time, the follow up to their previous offering, the much-loved Take My Hand.

Premiered on triple j’s Good Nights, No Time shines a light Lastlings’ signature, emotive lyricism and intricate, transportive pop soundscapes. The song arrives complete with an anime-style music video, inspired by the duo’s Japanese heritage and one of their favourite dystopian science fiction novels Never Let Me Go.

“‘No Time’ was inspired by Kazuo Ishiguro’s dystopian science fiction novel Never Let Me Go. As humans we know and understand that our life spans are limited, but of course it’s something that we push to the back of our minds. When we’re faced with this kind of knowledge, what do we do when we realise that we don’t have much longer? What are the things that quickly become matters of importance and what are the things we look back on that are really worthwhile?

“‘No Time’ is about releasing yourself from negative thoughts and growing from our disappointments and failures. It is also about living life to its fullest potential because as cliche as it may be, life really is short and everything happens for a reason.”

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