Not A Boys Name Releases ‘The Internet Sucks’ EP

NOT A BOYS NAME releases his debut EP, The Internet Sucks. A cohesive culmination of writing and recordings from the last 2 years from Sydney artist Dave Jenkins Jr. NOT A BOYS NAME says of his new EP, “it’s the most “me” thing I’ve released”.

Songs from the EP were either started and finished in a day or took months to complete but as a whole, The Internet Sucks EP encapsulates that thirst for experimentation and new sounds. NOT A BOYS NAME wanted to evoke the feeling of hearing your favourite song for the first time. “That’s what I felt like when I was writing these songs, and I’m really hoping that’s what people feel when they hear them. I was sitting on a mountain of songs when the corona virus pandemic (and the resulting lockdowns) kicked in. The imposed isolation forced me to sift through those recordings and really focus on who I was as a writer and find the songs that resonated with me the most.”

The Internet Sucks EP (and it’s cover art) is handmade by Dave Jenkins Jr, with some extra sprinkles here and there by his friends and collaborators. “I owe a lot of thanks to Simon Berckelman (Philadelphia Grand Jury), Kirin J Callinan, Rosie Fitzgerald (I Know Leopard) and Ben Corbett (half speed). They all helped me realise this vision in one way or another.”

I wanted to release the lyrics somehow. But I didn’t want to do a stock/standard lyric video. I started making background footage to overlay the words and it just didn’t look right. I decided that it would be more helpful if I appeared in the videos to help guide the viewers through the inner workings of the songs. I started messing around with green screens and thing I knew it was 4 am and I had 5 music videos on my hands.

You’ll see me pop up at the start of Show Me A Way right through to the climax of Sleep Paralysis.

It’s me, your friendly, neighbourhood, NABN lyrical tour guide. Enjoy the ride.

Show me a way or throw me away
This song is a desperate plea to the universe for direction. It felt right to open the EP with this track as it encapsulates everything that NOT A BOYS NAME represents to me.

The clip is a montage of the EP recording sessions and those inbetween moments in life that really stand out in my memory.

Two Sides
I’ve been plagued by duality my whole life. Wanting to be someone one day, then a different person the next. I’ve always felt like two people, and this song reflects that. It sounds like video games to me. Really old video games. It’s also the oldest song on the EP.

The Internet Sucks
The Internet is great..but it also sucks. It sucks because it tears people apart. Screen addiction and online infidelity run rampant in today’s romances. Body shaming and fake news..that stuff also sucks. Eff you internet.

Little Vampire
This song is about depression..but depression personified as a little vampire that won’t leave you alone. It sucks your life away and leaves you with nothing. The only thing that can save you is fuzz guitar and a low budget karaoke music video. Apologies for my acting. I had no idea how this was going to turn out until I started green screening little bats all over the place.

Sleep Paralysis
This song closes out the EP in a not-so-resolute way.’ve had a hard day, but you got through it, you’re nodding off to sleep then BAM horrible nightmares and sleep paralysis. That was happening to me on a regular basis when I wrote this song. It’s freaky. I wanted the video to portray that eerie drowsiness that comes from Sleep Paralysis.


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