Nocturnal Animals

Adelaide band Nocturnal Animals are looking to make a bold statement with their new single Cold and Blue after gaining solid feedback on their first single Rocket Girls. With a staunchly DIY attitude the band is working hard to take their music to the people and show their colours (“skeletons”). Dylan, Bamm and Stuart answer some questions about their new single.

How has the reaction been to new single Cold and Blue?
The reaction so far has been tremendous! People seem to feel like it’s the type of song that they haven’t heard before yet they get a joyful familiar feeling. You have to hear it to get it!

What’s the story behind the single?
The story behind Cold and Blue is that moment when you meet someone and have an instant connection. The bar is closed everyone has left but your still there together. That feeling of wanting to draw out the moment as long as you can knowing it will lead to heartbreak, you do it anyways for the hope it will work. The song displays the reality in the verses and the dream in the chorus.

Did you enjoy making the film clip?
The film clip was an interesting day! It’s all D.I.Y we found the location and had to work around the environment. It was scorching hot, in the make up and throwing up fake blood we felt like we were going to die! The end result is worth it, an experience people enjoy from start to finish, so we can’t complain about some sunburn.

How did the band get together?
Ever see Nocturnal Animals starring Jake Gyllenhaal? We watched that and turned to each other and said let’s start a band! We all jumped in the air high fiving, it was car advert worthy! In all seriousness…. we were all in bands that died horrible deaths, two negatives equal a positive! Thus three skeleton boys were born, join our Skeleton family!

What inspired the name Nocturnal Animals?
The band has been through stages of living by night…. hitting the town. Living like nocturnal animals. We turn into animal versions of ourselves.

How would you describe the Nocturnal Animals sound?
We would describe the Nocturnal Animals sound as having sex that changes your world, the next day you cry. Lunch time comes around you eat wings or something and it’s all OK. Roller coaster of emotion really.

Has COVID-19 slowed the momentum down at all for the band?
No shows hurts! Can’t get around that, we’re a band we write music so we can play it!

Are there plans for an album?
We have an album for you, needs a minute in the oven. It’ll be delicious!

When you get the go ahead to play live shows can we expect to see the band gigging around Adelaide?
All the venues will be backed up but yes we will have shows and we can’t wait!

Interview By Rob Lyon

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