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From the critically-acclaimed album Fallow comes Fierce, the new single from Award winning Country singer-songwriter Fanny Lumsden. Following on from recent radio hits Peed In The Pool, These Days and This Too Shall Pass, Fierce once more highlights Fanny’s knack for impressive story-telling & catchy melodies. Acknowledging the amazing ‘fierce’ women who she is surrounded by, Fierce is a song for all of the strong, resilient, inspiring & compassionate women in our lives. Fanny talks about the single and much, much more.

Congratulations on the album, were you over the moon with how it turned out?
In light of the fact that it was released on COVID Friday (March 13) between us literally fighting bush fires where we live in the Snowy Mountains and a global pandemic, so therefore had to cancel the release campaign… I’d say yes. Yes I am. It was a pretty bumpy launch for it into the world though.

Do you feel that it pushed you creatively?
Yeah I feel like it’s a definite step forward for me creatively. We recorded it in a stone hut here in the snowy mountains which really put limitations on the ‘gear we could use which I think really forces you to think creatively. We used an overturned tank as an echo chamber, and really drew on the physical surroundings for inspiration, which is what I wanted. Sonically I was really not bound by any particular sound or genre, just wanted to make the songs come to life and really feel.

Do any influences stand out as being significant for this album?
I was really inspired by the physical surroundings, we are on the western Side of the snowy mountains and it’s pretty spectacular. We worked with Matt Fell and Benjamin Corbett on it, and their talents combined really brought the essence of the songs out. I actually try not to listen to music in the lead up and during the recording process as I don’t want to be subconsciously influenced by anyone or other artists. I really want to try and honour the songs more. The only song I could really say I took inspiration from another song in its writing was Mountain Song which is the theme for the record. I was driving home from a day in the high country and a Jacob Collier song came on which was a lush choral arrangement, and I went home and wrote Mountain song that night.

What’s your favourite track from the album and why?
Hmm, I’m not sure i have an actual favourite. I love them all for different reasons and we may be here a while. Pick your fave kid why don’t you…

Were there plenty of virtual high fives when you cracked the top ten ARIA charts?
Yeah that was a very nice surprise. I had been more focused on the Country Chart and and more niche charts so for it to debut in the top ten was a complete bonus. We cracked the champers.

How much do you think your sound has changed over three albums?
I hope that’s its grown, developed and matured a little. Got a little more complex. I mean don’t we all want that? I for one never want to make the same album twice. I always want to be exploring new ground and creating new worlds with the themes, production and visually. Otherwise its a disservice to me and anyone who follows along.

Do you feel frustrated that there’s been bush fires and now COVID-19 slowing your momentum?
Of course. Its been a bit shitty all round really. However there have been many silver linings for us. This record very strangely thematically deals with processing things that are out of your control. The single This too shall pass came out right in between the fires and COVID kicking into gear. It also brought us together (before COVID – just) with our launch which was a fundraiser for the local Tooma/Marargle Bush fire recovery fund.

We had six hundred people turn up to the Tooma Recreation Reserve in the Snowy Mountains which is six hours from Sydney and six from Melbourne and we donated one hundred percent of the ticket proceeds to the community and I am currently seeing that money help the families around here directly. IT was a really special night on so many levels. I feel pretty damn lucky to live where we do and the fact we live in an age where the internet exists. Nothing does compare to getting out there and playing live though.

Are you continuing to work on new music?
To be honest, no. I just spent the last few years furiously creating this album and the world around it at the same time as having a baby and being on the road full time, so i got to the launch of this album and COVID hit and i was creatively exhausted. WE put our energy into turning the campaign to online as best we could and creating new income streams in more merch etc. I have also been creating a lot of other things around the album and planning and rescheduling the tour. I have actually left song writing completely along for the first time in many years.

How much are you looking forward to getting back on the road to tour? Any plans for Adelaide?
I CANNOT WAIT to get this fallow show on the road. Its going to be a show like none we have done before, with a cinematic side to it, lots of harmonies and some of my fave (and best musos). Its also going to have a very party feel to it, after all this lock down I think that’s going to be important! and YES, we are looking at adding in Adelaide and SA dates – so stay tuned!

What’s next for Fanny Lumsden?
We have our new single Fierce out this week with a new clip coming next week that features the incredible farming women of this area of NSW. We have a lot of fun surprise projects on the go which will be released in the coming months, our fallow tour is rescheduled for Nov – Jan. Applications for halls to host our 8th Country Halls Tour in 2021 are open now (via ) and we are planning an NZ tour and fingers crossed later next year some more international dates.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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