DMA’S “The Glow”

There is a real sense of anticipation waiting for the third album by DMA’S to drop. These guys ooze class and The Glow for me has gone straight to top spot for my top ten albums of 2020. It will take something monumental to knock this one off. Hills End and For Now are fantastic albums but there is no doubt that a lot more people will be taking notice now.

The heart and soul of DMA’S is Thomas O’Dell (vocals), Matthew Mason (lead guitar) and Johnny Took (acoustic guitar). There is a nod to their peers but rather than be a carbon copy they have carved out their own niche. It is hard to believe this band comes out of Australia.

Already we have been able to marvel in the splendour released from this album so far including the likes of Silver, Life Is A Game Of Changing and the title track The Glow. Silver is without a shadow of a doubt a cracking indie tune with its stunning harmonies and melodies making it a winner.

Album opener Never Before sees the band take some risks with pumping basslines, dance beats combined O’Dell’s silky smooth vocals and trademark strumming of the acoustic guitar I’m already thinking The Charlatans, Primal Scream and a touch of The Stone Roses. There would have been plenty of high fives in the studios as this album started to take shape realising they had something pretty amazing.

In a time where we are hanging out for some new music this is just the tonic to get music fans excited. Criminals brings some light and shade to proceedings, Strangers stands boldly with the rest but one of the gems on this album is Learning Alive. Stunning! It builds slowly from something quite striped back in to something quite spectacular. The string arrangements are just brilliant.

The album finishes in a blaze of glory with the likes of Round & Around and Cobracaine destined for their live set. DMA’S have really excelled with The Glow stepping up their game and no doubt will win over some of the most staunchest music fans.

Album Review By Rob Lyon

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