Melbourne’s Snark share their new single Wasted, delivering their signature brand of “upbeat songs for sad people”, artfully combined with the polished grit of California-style punk and an undeniable sense of Aussie charm. The single also serves as the first release of a more refined era for the trio, with their debut EP Impostor due for release on Wednesday 2nd September.

Described by the band as “a song inspired by bad decisions and good times,” Wasted saw Snark team up with producer Darren Cordeaux (Kisschasy), as well as Jack Newlyn (Paradise Club), who recorded, mixed and mastered the track. It was recorded across various locations including Bandbooth Studios in industrial Dandenong, Jack Newlyn’s home studio and the band’s own spare room. The band drop by for a quick interview.

Tell us a bit about your new single Wasted. How has the build up to release been?
It has definitely been a long time coming. The writing and recording process was pretty in depth and then things were delayed a little by a global pandemic, so it’s been an unusual build up to say the least! The song itself is a bit of an anti-party anthem, the chorus is upbeat and catchy but underneath all that, hidden away in the rest of the song is a bit of an internal struggle between trying not to repeat past mistakes and loving the feeling of losing control. We’re just really keen to have the song out in the world and feel that a song everyone can get loose to is exactly what everyone needs on the other side of all this isolation.

Can you walk us through the recording process?
It’s honestly been the best process we’ve ever been a part of. We’ve been lucky enough to be working with some incredible people. We worked on the song with Darren Cordeaux of Kisschasy, who provided production remotely from LA but also happened to be in Melbourne and managed to catch up with us to jam things out a bit – he really helped shape the song into what it ended up being and you can really hear his influence throughout the track.

Working out of a combination of BandBooth Records in Dandenong, home studios and spare rooms we then tracked everything with Jack Newlyn from Paradise Club who not only really captured the energy and vibe of the song, but added vital bits and pieces that really elevated the song.

Sonically, how would you describe your music?
Crunchy guitars, big drums and catchy choruses. Our band’s sound sits in a little niche somewhere between pop-punk and indie rock. We’re equally inspired by the energy and drive of Cali-style punk and the grittiness of Australian indie rock – and that definitely translates across to our songs!

Who would you consider to be the biggest influence on your music and why?
It’d have to be our friends, our families – just all the people that we know. Our music is all about highs and lows of our lives and it’s so tied up in all the people around us. That’s the kind of stuff we really try and channel into our music.

Best piece of advice you have been given?
“F*ck it dog, life’s a risk” – FIDLAR

How did the band get together?
The band started out when Stefan and Matias were at uni together and blew off some classes to go buy a drum kit. This inevitably led to some more classes being missed in favour of jamming and writing some songs. The way that Pat came into the band was kind of funny – usually people audition to be in bands, but this was more of a case of the band auditioning for him. Pat had been in a band we thought was rad before he came to us, so we invited him to Stefan’s garage and played him some songs we had written. We were pretty nervous but luckily, he liked the songs (or was just keen to hang out), ended up joining the band and we never looked back.

What’s on your playlist at the moment?
The songs we’re smashing on repeat at the moment are:

  • Stefan – 19 by Slowly Slowly. The perfect blend of catchy hooks and angst make it the stand out track of his favourite album of the year.
  • Matias – God Is Dead by The Smith Street Band because he actually teared up the first time he heard it.
  • Pat – Fifteen Minutes by Mike Krol. It combines two of his favourite things; lo-fi and surf rock.

Can you tell us a fun fact about each member of the band?
Stefan nearly drowned on a family holiday, was rescued by Matias’ dad and woke up in a hospital. Matias is a diehard soccer fan and is often up at ridiculous times in the morning to watch his beloved Liverpool play. The first CD Pat bought with his own money was So Fresh Hits of Autumn 2004. Some say he still listens to it to this day.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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