Gerry Cinnamon “The Bonny”

Don’t mistake him for sugar and spice, and all things nice, because Gerry Cinnamon is far greater than that. With his second LP, The Bonny, debuting at number one on the UK Official Charts, Cinnamon has successfully championed his Scottish folk style in a twelve-song contribution.

The up-beat Canter introduces The Bonny in Cinnamon’s typical candid in your face way. In a rich Scottish accent, he sings, “You know it could be a canter/ If you were just a wee bit less of a wanker”. The realness of the lyrics may be surprising to the uninitiated, but is Cinnamon to a tea. Where We’re Going elaborates on this indie-pop sound but then it all but disappears as the focus shifts from mainstream to distinctive indie-folk.

With an emphasis on Cinnamon’s vocals juxtaposed with principal instruments including the guitar and harmonica, Dark Days delivers a fluctuating tempo that is both intriguing as it is effective. In contrast, title track The Bonny, Sun Queen, Outsiders, Roll the Credits and Six String Gun are consistent, thought-provoking slow burners. Also, in this category is Head in the Clouds, a dreamy three-minute fifty-three-second escape that unsuspectingly “It’s blurrin’ your vision/ And it’s cuttin’ a shape/ Like a hot razor blade/ With a deadly precision”.

In an album of aural ebbs and flows, its essence can be wrapped up in two contrasting songs. Where War Song Soldier is deliberate and poignantly brooding, Mayhem is a controlled cacophony of sound that is accurately reflective of the title. Both are spectacular.

The Bonny is a sincerely raw foray into the mind of Glaswegian singer-songwriter Cinnamon. It is a no holds barred consideration of dark times with hints of light for hopeful times ahead. Coincidentally, a very apt representation of the first half of 2020.

Album Review By Anita Kertes

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