Nightwish “Human. :II: Nature”

Finnish power metal band Nightwish are back in a big way with their ninth album Human. :II: Nature. Epic is what comes to mind listening to this double album and they are the sort of band that don’t do things by halves. When band leader Tuomas Holopainen says that the new record the band is creating has the intention of capturing something rare, unique and that total album experience he really does mean it.

Floor Jansen is an amazing singer and her operatic tones in opening song Music is really something to behold. Only a band like Nightwish could pull something like this off. A deeply melodic song immersed with a big symphonic sound and the song hits full flight when the band gets involved. Noise continues on in much the same vain with metal riffs a plenty, more bombastic orchestral moments topped off with the vocal prowess of Floor Jansen.

Shoemaker has this hypnotic yet haunting charm about it that makes it so good. This song builds to one almighty close heightening the emotion felt by the listener. Harvest is a definite change of pace seizing but it’s the glorious tones of Pan that is an album highlight. Tender vocals that goes to something much more fierce, epic and dramatic.

I really liked the intensity of Tribal and as the song builds it gets quite dark, heavy and very ritualistic. Album closer Endlessness doesn’t disappoint either with guitars blazing and all those symphonic elements coming to the fore.

The second disc is a great listen also with the songs prefixed by All The Works Of Nature Which Adorn The World and is divided in two eight sections which is instrumental with some quotes and messages added. There’s some amazing music here with the standout being the closer All The Works Of Nature Which Adorn The World – Ad Astra. There is denying how great this sonic experience is offering something rewarding on each listen.

Album Review By Rob Lyon

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