Heaps Good Friends Return With New Single

Bright and charming Adelaide trio Heaps Good Friends have made their highly-anticipated return with Fold Laundry Together.

Known for their bubbly, down to earth persona and tongue-in-cheek, 80s-inspired synth pop discography, Heaps Good Friends continue to show their knack for a creating a heaps good time with the new release.

Lyrically embedded in a somewhat awkward yet perhaps endearingly romantic laundry folding experience, vocalist Emma Fradd explains:

“Trying to help around the house of my brother’s big family lead to a scene of me folding my brother’s laundry with a friend of his (who I had a crush on). It was really nice…”

Heaps Good Friends collaborated with renowned producer Konstantin Kersting (Tones & I) on this one, drawing out its infectious pop hooks balanced by the signature synth inclusions of band member Nick O’Connor.

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