Sydney producer, vocalist and songwriter CLYPSO dropped her new song Down to the Wire featuring Raave Tapes. In recent months churning out some catchy electronic pop hits including the anthem like D.Y.S. (Defend Your Situation) and the ever infectious 80s pop vibin’ Sidestep its no wonder she’s getting high rotation on Triple J. Clypso took some time out to answer a few questions for the Hi-Fi Way.

Down to the Wire is your new song with Raave Taves can you tell us how that collaboration and the recording process came about?
I had the vision for this collaboration for a couple of years, after I saw them play at a show. It was a challenge I set for myself like if you had to write a song for your favourite band, what would you write. It needed to also be a song that combined both our energies and styles. I sent Down To The Wire to them and they were stoked to be onboard. They then recorded their guitar solo part as well as the second verse and sent it over to me.

What is the meaning behind the song?
It’s about two childhood friends who’ve been there for each other during the good times and the tough times and as they get older they slowly realise they’re into each other and not sure if they should risk the friendship for something more.

You’ve been getting some great reviews and airplay for your songs recently. How do you feel now that your music is being noticed a lot more in the mainstream?
It’s a good feeling that a diverse bunch of people are enjoying the music. I love it when people personally reach out and tell me which songs are their favourite as well and why.

Your previous single Sidestep also got a lot of radio play. Can you tell us what that song is about and how you felt about people’s reception towards the song?
I know you’re not meant to have a favourite child but I have to say Sidestep is a firm favourite of mine. I had a strong feeling about it from the beginning and had my fingers crossed that my little niche of listeners would feel the same way. It’s about that hottie you keep bumping into… telling them you like them in a roundabout sidestep kind of way. The bigger picture is about taking chances and making a move. I had a young mum on Instagram send me a video of her toddler who is obsessed with the song and it was priceless to watch her eyes light up when she hears the intro and then rush to get up to dance to it.

As an artist how are you spending this time of isolation? Is it an inspiring time for you or is it stifling your creativity?
I haven’t been putting too much pressure on myself to create and have just been trying to maintain normal productivity levels; being mindful of keeping some routine. That’s been helpful in keeping the creative flow going. I was also straight edge for a while, I think I got up to two months haha. I released Down To The Wire during iso so yeah the key I think has been to just keep trucking on and keeping positive.

I was lucky enough to see you live before the isolation restrictions and I loved how colourful and the energy you put into your shows. Are you finding ways to help fill that void of not performing live?
I haven’t done any IG live or virtual performances … yet. I don’t think I can fill that void to be honest. To me it’s not the same, the crowd gives so much energy.

What are the future plans for you? Is there an album or new singles in the works?
A couple of months ago my standard answer would’ve been release, tour, shows. For now it’ll just be releasing. But each song has its own little world that comes with it so hopefully I keep getting to share that story.

Interview by Anastasia Lambis

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