Paul Kelly Releases Part Two Of His Double A-Side Single

Paul Kelly reveals the second instalment of Paul Kelly’s time-stretched Double A-side, Every Day My Mother’s Voice, recorded live with Jess Hitchcock last December at The Domain in Sydney.

Here’s Paul:

“I’d heard Jess sing earlier last year with Kate Miller-Heidke and knew she would be on the road with us and Kate for last year’s Making Gravy shows. I asked her to sing Every Day My Mother’s Voice on a hunch her voice would work well singing Dan Sultan’s part from the original recording. They are both gun singers. We knew from the first rehearsal that we were onto something and when she sang it at the shows audiences went wild. Her voice has no tricks. Just pure, thrilling emotion.” PK

Every Day My Mother’s Voice:

Filmed and recorded at The Domain, Sydney, Dec 14, 2020

Directed by: Brian Purnell

Produced by: Cara McDonald and Brett Louis

Production company: Mushroom Creative House

Audio mixed by Matt Landers

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