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Stone Temple Pilots are making their long overdue return to Australia with +Live+ and Bush as part of the Under The Southern Stars festival early in 2021. The band earlier this year released their eighth studio album Perdida with the lead single Fare Thee Well. Hi Fi Way spoke to lead singer Jeff Gutt about the tour, Perdida and wanting to see a kangaroo when they tour here.

Under The Southern Stars is an awesome line up with +Live+ and Bush, you must be excited about getting to Australia early next year?
Absolutely, I’ve never been to Australia, this will be my first time so I’ll be able to tick that off my bucket list.

Do the friendships with those bands go back a long way?
We’ve toured with Bush so you become like family after a while after spending a few weeks on the road with other people. I’m excited to hang out with those guys again, never met or toured with +Live+ so it will be exciting seeing them play every night. I remember listening to their songs on the radio a lot as a kid, it will be awesome.

Did you have a clear plan of what you wanted to do with Perdida?
We had a lot of down time on one of the last tours we did in Canada in the winter and there wasn’t much else we could do except write songs. Robert had an idea and had always wanted to make an acoustic record, he kept coming in with song ideas and we started thrashing it out. Originally we were going to make an EP of a few songs but then it blossomed in to its own thing. We kept writing song after song so we kept going and it ended up being a whole record. We had to push it back being a full record and it needed its time as we put out the twenty fifth anniversary of Purple so weren’t in competition with ourselves.

Do you all sit in the room and write together or do you need to go off and do your own thing?
Every song is different and has its own journey. Most of it was Robert coming in with an idea and we’ll build it up from there to whatever it is going to be. Robert will come in with the melody ideas and sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. It was a fun process of just writing and creating a record like making a painting with other people around and all these decisions that have to be made. It is fun if you enjoy the people that you’re with. If you’re not, I’ve been in that situation before.

Is this a path the Stone Temple Pilots might take with future albums?
I think this one was necessary for the band at the time. I think it was like taking stock of life to this point and reflecting on things. People tend to gravitate to that and we all have a loss in life and we all go through things. This is us pretty much writing about experiences that we had and putting it out there for people who feel the same way. Maybe this is a piece of therapy that worked for us.

Is this album just as much carving out a new direction and paying homage to the past in some ways?
To be honest I’m trying to serve what the song needs and I feel that the song deserves an open mind. It isn’t thinking about legacies and other things. I’m trying to go and do what I do on a song. Other bands I have been in would micro manage every aspect of everything but in this band we’re professional musicians and have always been that. It is a blessing to be able to come in and just to create with them.

Do you think the die hard Stone Temple Pilots would be on board after listening to Perdida?
I just try and live the moment and I completely understand the fans with how it is with a different singer. I try to be respectful in that manner but at the same time it is all about evolving and growing. If you stay in the same place and don’t grow or there’s no excitement in the live show, it is helping them evolve and continue the musical journey is what it is about for me as a fan.

Were there many songs left over that might their way on to another EP or the next album?
We’re always writing and this one was its own process. We had to put all our effort to be in this to put it together. We kept working up to when we had a record. I have a lot of things I want to bring in and I’m Robert and Dean have plenty of things as well. In time we’ll hash that out.

Is there something on your list you want to do when you get to Australia next year?
I’ve never seen a kangaroo so that will be a thing for me. I remember when I took took some guys from a band I was in, Dry Cell, to Michigan they saw a black squirrel and they had never seen one before. I was dumbfounded by that, how could they have not seen a black squirrel. It’s just the little things, I want to take it all in. I want to immerse myself in Australia so if you have any good ideas let me know.

Interview By Rob Lyon

Catch Stone Temple Pilots with +Live+ and Bush on the following dates, tickets HERE

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