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Indie-rock band Sunday Sundown have released a new single, We Are Home honouring the beach vibes of their hometown outside of Perth. Having only been together for almost a year the band is making strides with its solid, cool laid back sound. Guitarist Clark Scales chatted with the Hi Fi Way about the new single.

We Are Home is your new single, what is the song about?
It’s pretty much about weekend antics, being with our mates and partying lifestyle on the coast. Its also about the friend and family that have supported us from the beginning and a place we can call home.

Do you write songs as a group or individually?
We all chip in on the songwriting and whenever someone come up with a bit of a chorus or a verse we all chip in with some sentences and weave it in to make the song.

What was your thought process when writing We Are Home?
Cory who is the lead singer and I were writing for a different song that we had in mind and we canned that song. It had the same kind of meaning behind it but it wasn’t working and we worked that song into We Are Home. We put in a different chorus and make it work.

You have an EP on. The songs are very chilled but one that stood for me was Pj Harvey with its heavy rock riff. Tell us about that song.
That riff was mine and Andre’s (guitarist) we harmonised and wrote the notes on that together. We played.

Is the song about the artist PJ Harvey?
No its not actually about her. We get asked that quite a lot (laughs). I don’t really know I just came with these riffs for PJ Harvey and then Cory started writing to it. He just said it really reminded him of something that PJ Harvey would play and so we just thought we would call it PJ Harvey.

Your sound is very laidback, how would you describe Sunday Sundown’s sound?
It’s quite diverse in a way. We just like different genres of music and it shows. We have Indie Rock in there and a bit of heavier stuff like Pj Harvey and also some Acoustic and Reggae. There’s even some Psychedelic as well. So, I can’t really say there a specific genre you can pin it to, its just what ever we feel or what sounds cool.

Who are your influences? What bands or artists have influenced the sound of the Sunday Sundown?
A lot of us like Sticky Fingers, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Artic Monkeys and Sublime. They’ve been pretty big influences.

How long has the band been together?
It started May 2019 so a bit less than a year!

What’s the meaning behind the band name Sunday Sundown?
Its about the place we live in Perth called Scarborough where we pretty much live near the ocean and we always go down for Sunday sessions on the esplanade. Its about having a goodtime and being out with your mates and having a beer!

How is the current situation with social distancing affecting the band? Are you getting more creative because of it or is it stifling the process?
It’s kind of stifled it a little bit because we were going to have an EP launch night which was sold out then that was the weekend they brought in the lockdown laws. So that was disappointing as we were looking forward to that. We are all still writing music at home and sending videos and voice memos of things and working that way. It’s the only way we can do at the moment.

What are the plans for Sunday Sundown in the future?
I think will keep on the path we have been going on like keep writing songs and once this whole thing has blown over get back to playing shows and bringing out new music!

Interview By Anastasia Lambis

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